#skincaretalk: Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer

Choosing the right moisturizer has been quite a struggle for me in Malaysia. I always get disappointed seeing cream-based moisturizers conquering most shelves in every drugstore I’ve been to. Cream-based moisturizers are definitely no-no  since it would make my skin shiny as hell if I use it! So, the only option when it comes to picking moisturizers is the gel type or water-based moisturizer. My bare face is already oily during the day, so I really need something to balance out the sebum output.

I’ve read few reviews about this product and tbh, I’m such a picky consumer when it comes to the brand. Oily skin is quite a mess – acnes could easily appear out of nowhere and you’d need to have blotting papers with you most of the time when you’re out. So, I don’t really want to wrong-pick my skincare products and finally, I decided to give this brand a try.


Simple is a British brand that has been in the cosmetics arena for decades. I love how their company’s philosophy emphasizes on being kind to our skin that is actually sensitive. And what I really admire the brand is that you won’t find any artificial perfume/colour and animal-derived ingredients in any of their products. I’m not a fan of heavily scented products so yeay!! Plus I’m currently using their toner and I super duper love it (another review coming up).


Since it caters the oily skin type, the active ingredients include:

Zinc PCA which has anti-aging benefits for skin, can reduce oiliness of the skin and reduce redness of acnes.

Pro-Vitamin B5/panthenol which will be converted to vitamin B5 when it is in contact with skin. It works mainly for regenerative, healing, moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Glycerin/glycerol which helps to attract moisture from air and help retain the moisture in your skin.

Tapioca starch to mattify the skin.

Vitamin E as antioxidants.

Phytosphingosine for reducing blemishes and anti-acne properties.

Anthemis nobilis flower oil that soothe the skin.


Not sticky and not occlusive at all so maybe it’s not really suitable for the dry-skin type. Also, even in air-conditioned room or when I’m outside, no sort of severe oiliness experienced.

After applying my serum, I usually put a pea size of the moisturizer and massage it gently onto my skin and neck. Some tips here – make sure you apply your moisturizer evenly and make sure to massage it on your face to so that it’ll penetrate your skin better.


PROS: It does a pretty decent job for my oily skin! Definitely better than my previous moisturizer and my skin doesn’t breakout with this moisturizer. For RM18.90, it is a very good moisturizer and also affordable for those on small steps towards better skincare routines 🙂

CONS: No SPF and it contains methylparaben but I don’t really mind because the concentration is quite low. And it doesn’t break me out so I’m fine with it.


are we inspiring enough?

picture from Pinterest

Let’s say in future when I have kids, I’d take them to some public areas where middle-class peeps (mostly) always go like the train stations and pasar malam. And then, I’d buy them some coffees, titbits and let them witness how the real daily world functions.

In more common words, people-watching. (Lol, not those pervert-ish looks you give to strangers but rather to observe people around)

People-watching is a nice thing to do actually because it challenges your brain to make some analyzing thinking work and most importantly, you’d end up being so so grateful of your life. You see, privilege is another factor too but I’m not going to touch on the subject now. Moving on, you’d somehow develop a skill (idk bout others, but I did) in which you’d find it easy to read people. Like in the morning, you can interpret someone’s mood based on how they walk, talk and even from the colour of their attires. You could even identify different fashion trends too hahaha – Anello backpacks nowadays, different shawl/scarves styles, latest gadgets, etc. And I recently noticed that observant people usually are those well-opinionated. You can always talk to them about anything and the conversation would be really fun with them. On the other hand, crowded places which include the bus stations do look messed up and uncomfortable to most of us, but trust me those places are the most realistic ones if you want to find some inspirations on the reality of this world. Life is cruel, sadly.

Well, maybe going to these places isn’t as cool as going to the malls. Seriously, I think malls are so overrated and nowadays, developers are building lots and lots of malls in KL. I won’t be surprised to see next generations to be addicted to malls. But, for my children? Hell no. I definitely would not want my children to always spend their weekends in malls because it’d need lots of money and the happiness you get from going to malls is only short-lived. Sad truth.

However, in this post, I’d like to express one of my thoughts that has been lingering around and perhaps it’s better to write it up here.

Have you ever realized that there is this perception about inspirations that we all are exposed to – luxurious handbags, big houses, lots of luxurious cars, etc? As amazing as it sounds, it is too perfect, don’t you think so readers? It’s like nowadays, the only way to be inspiring is to be ultimately famous, to be on every magazines’ covers, to have at least 1000 followers on Instagram and to own 20 houses by the age of 30. Then what?

Money is something but not everything.

I’m not denying anybody’s success here (credits to them for the achievement) but nobody is the same. It’s a pretty good idea actually to share whatever you’ve gained from your success but let’s not influence people too much that they eventually forget their whys in life. These kind of ‘overwhelmingly inspiring stories’ maybe would benefit some, but later we all would be comparing each other’s lives. Like she’s so successful in her business and here am I still on this 9-5 job and then we would be sitting in the corner self-pitying ourselves. Just because a friend of ours become a millionaire by doing only business that we could never think of, that doesn’t mean we are obligated to do so. Unless if you have the passion, then go for it. But if you’re just chasing those money, then I’d advise you to rethink. If everyone in the world want to be CEOs, then who would be the cashier at the counter?

I’ve met several amazing people who does many amazing things and they are very lowkey humble. I really respect them because they don’t do things just for the sake of getting society applauses. They just do it in the name of humanity. So, my point is don’t just look upwards to get some motivations, but look around us. What I mean is look at the people surrounding you right now, not those people that show up in “Explore” on your Instagram. And we often forget that the closest persons that we tend to underestimate are our parents. Our mummy and daddy have a LOT to share with us, but we just need to do the asking part. That’s all.

That’s why I really encourage everyone (including myself) to pay more attention to our daily surroundings like those cleaner ladies, cashier at the supermarket, receptionist, policemen, those makciks selling keropok lekor at the roadside, taxi drivers and even the person sitting across you in the train. Trust me, there’s so much of their stories that  you can dig in if you approach them (in a friendly manner, of course). And you might be surprised that their wisdoms are far greater than yours.

The unsung heroes, they said.





dealing with sh*ts

I couldn’t exactly remember on what day this thing happened, but certainly it was the unluckiest day (so far) in my 2017. The experience was similar to when I did sand boarding in Egypt – amazingly smooth at first but in the end, I went rolling down the hill.

So, here’s how the story goes.

On that day, I woke up early, bathed, pray Fajr, put on my attires for the day and spent some time in front of the mirror. Obviously, a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do so yeah I did my normal skincare routine and applied lipstick. The road to becoming feminine, lol. You know when a woman puts her efforts into dressing up well, it signifies that she’s got the confidence to rock the day. But hey, it’s true we women take so much time to get ready, so yeah, sorry we couldn’t do anything about it.

So advice number one: when everything seems so smooth and perfect, it isn’t. Something will definitely go wrong.

Later, I took my breakfast downstairs and while scrolling Twitter, I virtually imagined my day. I always do this thing every morning because it feels amazing to plan your day beforehand plus it makes everyday tasks easier to deal with. Until one moment when I realized that my father was still sleeping soundly on his bed. Shoot. I was supposed to catch a 6:30 am train since my class started at 8 so there was 20 minutes left to go. And the journey from my house to the train station is around 8-10 minutes. From far, i could sense the waves approaching.

Well, I could have just take the 6:45 am train but then it would mean being late to class. At that moment, I was anxious because it has been my aspirations to freaking come early to class. In simpler words, I’m sick of being late every time. To those who still don’t know me yet (haha), I have always had bad records of 1) being late to class 2) being late and decided to skip the class. So in this glorious year of 2017, I want to be someone early and secure those front row seats!! Lol not the first row lah!

And of course, when things are fated to happen, it will happen no matter how hard we tried. Long story cut short, I missed the train by only 1.5 seconds after speeding like an athlete on the platform. I became tired, frustrated and my day didn’t even end nicely as well. HAHAHA. I also missed the LRT on my way back home and my journey got delayed for almost an hour. Definitely not my day indeed.

My situation as stated above is so not complicated (lol I know I exaggerated a bit) but imagine from a small problem, it could affect our emotions strongly and poof, emotional shut down happens.

We do have a choice on how to deal with daily problems, be it the simplest ones or the complicated ones. Same goes to my situation above. I can come up with a thousand excuses on why it happened to me but what benefits do I really get from complaining?

That’s right, none.

And the choice could be either:

option 1: keep on worrying, whining and drowning my emotions in the seas of regrets and disappointments.

option 2: calm down and assure ourselves that sokay though sh*tty things do happen so next time lets not make it happen again. 

So, this is advice number two: freaking. move. on.

And exactly, why are we mourning so much over one mishap? Well, that doesn’t give us the authority to keep on repeating those mistakes but come on people, we’ve got 364 days left to live on! I myself had similar thoughts when mishaps occur to me like missing the train, not getting any seats in the train, buying the wrong ticket, seeing my parents picking me up late and blablablabla. Complaining is so unhealthy and we are only feeding our egos with negativity. You see, complaining is pretty toxic and without us realizing, it already sucked out our energy. And that’s why we often feel tired after getting stressed about something.

It is a well-known fact too that our emotions are easily triggered by the smallest thing ever. Like how easy it is to be angry when someone silently cut our queue or when someone took our seat in the cinema. But, we can’t avoid neither delete them completely from our mind. Like in the Disney film Inside Out where we tend to misjudge Sadness when in the end, she is the one who is able to tied up the knots for Andy and her family. Sadness deserves a space inside our brain. It’d come anytime when triggered so we have to carefully deal with it. How to deal? Embrace it. Let those tears flow. Let those anger out. Go play those computer games or perhaps if you have a punching bag, go punch as hard as you can. Do what you feel suits you. Ditch the books for a while and go stalk people on Instagram. My favourite way would be taking a nap. Nap is my ultimate savior because it’s soo easy and requires zero vigorous physical movements! Haha. However, don’t let these feelings linger around way too long. Give them kisses & hugs and quickly say our goodbyes. They’d come again but when they do, you would already know how to send them away quickly in the smartest way ever.


Someone who’s still struggling to be on time for 8 am class.






20 hours in Istanbul


Istanbul is the furthest country I’ve been to and also my first European country. Seriously, 20 hours in Istanbul is not enough! Istanbul is beyond amazing and it never fails to mesmerize me, well try asking those who have been there – pretty sure you’ll get good reviews about the city! I feel like coming again and again.

It was a very rewarding experience actually to visit Istanbul during winter. I was expecting the city to be snowing when I arrived, but sadly it didn’t. And exactly a week after I left the city, Istanbul had a massive snowfall. So unfair. Apart from the freezing weather plus the wind (basically everyone hates the wind) coming from the sea, Istanbul is truly beautiful. Every angle of the city is Instagram-worthy (lol), and the best thing about Turkey is it’s a Muslim country! Life abroad definitely feels ten times easier when you travel to Muslim countries – halal food everywhere, toilet with water (haha) and being able to pray in a proper place.


Since my family and I flew to Egypt with Turkish Airlines, so we had the awesome privileges being one of the many transit passengers on Turkish Airlines. Since our layover was beyond 12 hours, therefore we could choose to either spend our layover at a hotel nearby or join a tour group to visit Istanbul. Obviously, we chose the latter considering that it was my first time in Istanbul so why not grab the chance? What’s more awesome is that everything’s FOC!! You name it – from transportation to and fro the airport, breakfast & lunch, entrance tickets and hotel rooms. You only need to bring some Lira cash and voila, you’re set to go!

And when they really mean free breakfast & lunch, they do mean it and you’ll be served some great local cuisine. Fyi, we had our breakfasts inside a restaurant facing the Bosphorus Sea (omg omg omg) and holy cow, the view of the sea in the morning is shit amazing! It was like a dream to be there, enjoying the sunny rays amidst of the cold weather.


For the Istanbul city tour, you can always choose your preferred type of tours depending on your layover period and also your stamina, too haha. And please, if you’re bringing along your parents, please never ever take the walking tour. My parents and I took the effing walking tour and the walk was beyond our expectations. No joke, man, no joke, because streets in Istanbul are quite hilly so it was quite a pain. I think we walked around 10 kilometres and I myself ran out of breath, what more my parents.


some streets we were passing by on our way to the Blue Mosque


Plus, it was winter so weather’s very dry and sweating never helped to warm up our body. Our other group members walked so fast ahead of us but good thing we didn’t get lost in the city! However, as tiring as it seemed to be, I loved the tour. They brought us to few streets where not many tourists go to. So, it was a nice opportunity to have the local scenes to our own. For example, I remember seeing a lamp shop which is designed so beautifully but at the same time reflects the Turkish style. And there are some restaurants with vibrant colours wall paint and also walking past Turkish tea shops where locals would sit outside and enjoy the tea in the cold winter. Everything felt surreal 🙂


the lamp shop that I was talking about


Malaysia needs this kind of building more!

Since it was a half-day tour, we pretty much went to common tourist spots near Sultan Ahmet area. One of the places is the trademark of Istanbul, the Blue Mosque. The moment I saw the Blue Mosque, I couldn’t stop looking at it. Jaw-dropping. The typical me would quickly take lots of pictures but at that time, I decided to put my phone aside and just feast my eyes with this majestic view. Who cares about the pictures plus you can always Google it? Sometimes we really need to just put down those tech/gadget stuffs and enjoy the moment. Our eyes and mind deserve to view those beautiful things ‘live’ too. Let those moments be exclusively ours.


inside Blue Mosque: the significant red carpet and the chandeliers


Hagia Sophia is also an amazing piece of art. I mean, it has witnessed the city growing since it was called Constantinople to Antalya and now, Istanbul. And do expect some queues before entering the area because that place never gets empty!  And that pretty much proves that Turkey is a country where tourists flock to regardless of the season. Especially Istanbul which is a melting pot of history, cultures and cuisines. Speaking of local cuisines, we had our lunch at a famous meatball restaurant near Hagia Sophia.


From left: Turkish yogurt called Ayran, lamb meatball (idk why meatball when it isn’t even round shape lol), bits of salads

The lunch was nice but it could have been better if they put more herbs and spices. After the lunch, we walked out of the restaurant feeling so full and continued our walk to the Grand Bazaar. It is a huge area and they sell so many things from food to clothing.

the entrance to Grand Bazaar and also the prayer area inside a mosque near Grand Bazaar

After buying some souvenirs and Turkish candies, we headed to the airport and everyone passed out in the bus. HAHAHA. Definitely one of the best day in my 2016.

Here’s the link if you want to find out more about those free tours provided by Turkish Airlines for its transit passengers 🙂


See you again, Turkey 😉

my skincare journey

Since it’s my 100th post (yeay!), so I thought why not write about something I’m really into these days. Yeap, you read the title – skin to the care.

x x x

Have you ever had any friends who seem to not even have a single zit on their faces and there are no scars to be seen? And when you ask them, how do you take care of your skin and they’ll reply i dunno ….. HAHAHA, happens to me a lot since I’m the one who’s on the questioning side.

I later understood that most of them have ‘beautiful-skin’ genes inherited from either of their parents. As lucky as it may seem to be, everyone has their own struggles with their skins. Some struggle with large pores, some with uneven skin tones and some face problems with their blackheads. See the point there? No use comparing our skin (especially skin colour) cuz trust me, every skin colour has its pros and cons. For instant, I’ve seen people with dark tones who have superb, glowing skin while I’ve come across people with fair tones with visible scars and redness.

However, it’s so obvious that nowadays in Malaysia, cosmetics is all about whitening. Some Malaysians are obsessed with having fair complexion. It’s like beautiful is equivalent to having fair skin. Worse, some companies aiming for profits decided to put aside the quality of the products. The ingredients aren’t skin-nourishing, plus some contain dangerous chemicals that could harm our skin directly. For instant, mercury. So, readers, please embrace your skin colour. Be happy with it and over time, improve your skin condition by learning how to properly take care of it!

how it started

meet my beauty guru

For your information, I’ve been loving this skincare thingy so much since I came across a Youtube channel called Gothamista last year (pls go check her out!!). She’s my go-to Youtuber when it comes to skincare plus I really love the fact that skincare is her number one priority, not makeups. I stand by her belief since makeups are not my forte, sorry. Her reviews are REAL and thoroughly made with all those explanations about the content of the product itself. She’s an Asian so that’s quite another factor lol #proudasians . She made her reviews really good that I feel like purchasing those products instantly! And I’m quite thankful actually to be learning about skincare from her in my early 20s so I can start prepping my skin to be the best it can during my 30 ++ in future.

my past


me in 2013

My commitment (lol) towards this skincare journey began only last year after A-Levels. I was so busy focusing on my studies that I abandoned my skin, sadly. Even during my high school/college days, I didn’t use any products on my skin – haha those days when my skin aspired to be chemical-free lol! Silly Saf, really silly. I didn’t bother to at least wash my face with facial cleansers at all. Usually, after finishing classes on a hectic day, I’d resort to just splashing my tired skin with normal tap water and that was it. No toner. No essence. No moisturizer. What more sunscreen. And now, I am not really surprised why my skin was behaving badly during high school and college – I didn’t even bother to treat them instead I just waited for those zits to shrink and life goes on. Nowadays, I would cringe a lot looking at my past (standing directly under the hot sun during sports day smh) because imagine, at the age of 17-20, your skin is waiting to be pampered with lots of vitamins and nourishing ingredients. Plus, you’re at the peak of the teenagers era so yeah. And you’d always wonder why celebrities have super beautiful skin. Obviously it’s due to consistent skincare routines and facial treatments.

However, I’m excited to be learning A LOT of things regarding skincare at this age. For example, I got to discover my skin type and my skin major concerns. And seriously, if you haven’t started yet, you should now. Just go to Youtube and explore the endless videos about skincare; there’s always something new to discover and learn from the amazing Youtubers.

Btw, my skin is far from the ‘flawless’ status and I’m trying to enjoy the journey towards achieving the best skin condition for me. Having a flawless (flawless is so overrated nowadays, isn’t it) skin is definitely a bonus since you can achieve any makeup looks effortlessly and you’ll have a smoother canvas to work on. But please, consult someone professional like the dermatologists if you have serious skin concerns (eczema, cystic acne, extreme redness, etc). Most importantly, I’d really suggest you guys to do some research on your skin type (so important!!!!) and the products relevant to treating your skin concerns. Never ever go for the fake ones ok. Trust me, they’ll do a lot of damages to you.

And if someone were to ask me on the best skincare products, I’d say that most of the time it’s a trial-and-error process. Recommendations/reviews can always be considered but you shouldn’t put depend 100 percent on them. Let’s face the fact that sometimes Product A may work amazingly on others but not on you and vice versa. The least you could do is to know your skin type and make some research on the best ingredients for your skin concern.

I think it’ll be great to share bits of my skincare routine and product reviews on my blog in the future. Who knows, it might help you guys to carefully choose your own skincare needs 🙂

Until the next post!



surviving my first week in university

Finally, after 16 months of holiday, I’m back to continuing my studies! 16 FREAKING MONTHS OMG THAT WAS THE LONGEST BREAK I’VE EVER HAD! I’m fully satisfied and no worries, I had enough rest already so bring it on uni! My brain got completely recharged, lol I think overcharged (haha) so I’m excited to get those lazy nerves back on working mode!

As a matter of fact, I started my degree quite late at the age of 21. I was supposed to continue my degree in the UK, but due to some problems, I had to ditch the offer. Sokay though. As sad as how my situation appeared to be, I’m glad that it happened. Not going to the UK opened some amazing doors for me like being able to travel to Egypt, spending more time with my cat and perhaps being able to be closer to home, especially to my parents. I’m so attached to my family for the past 2 years and maybe being distant from them would bring me more harm than good. I don’t know, but God certainly knows what he is doing. Despite the situation, the past 4 months were completely amazing – I took up some part time jobs, I wrote on my blog a lot and my life is happier with my cat. And most importantly, I got over the sadness!

How was my first day?

My first day in dental school went nicely! Went through the basic registration stuffs – documents submission, ID picture photo session, heard some welcoming speeches and received my coats. I was a bit nervous the night before registration day; thinking whether is this the right path or would I be able to adapt to the new environment. God knows how nervous I felt because obviously, my brain has been in SLEEP mode for the past 16 months and who knows, it might be rusty inside? Hahaha.

I hate being in a completely new environment, actually. It’s like you have to re-start life all over again and meet new people, introduce your name and get into few conversations. And then you would have some awkward silences when both parties do not know what else to talk about, haih. I hate awkward moments, guys. If possible, I’d like to skip that phase and just go to the part where everyone knows each other and can simply talk about anything comfortably. But of course, life doesn’t work that way, so awkward moments are inevitable.

My second day began with me waking up early at 5 to commute to university. Yes, I’m staying at home currently and in the time being, I’m planning to commute daily to university. As hard as it seems, it is not (alhamdulillah). Idk, God really plans this well like my university is just located across the LRT station and my journey to uni only takes 1 hour 15 minutes! There are some pros and cons too but thankfully, my journey everyday has been smooth. No delays and no latecomers yeay! And it made me appreciate home more because I get to see my beloved family and cat every day.

Of course on the first week, you couldn’t escape those briefings about your course, insurance thingy, tuition fees and other stuff. Guess who didn’t ever sleep inside the hall? 😉 Sort of achievement for me since I’m not a morning person hehe. And yes, I made some friends! New freaking friends haha. Here’s some names in case I forget ok – Shaza, Audrey, Celine, Caroline, Victor, Yi Hang, Wan Shing, Eunice, Nishya. You know what?There are only around 10 Malays in my batch hahaha so finally I can mingle around non-Malays after so long of not being able to. At first, it felt hmm different but over time, I adapted. It’s nice to get out of the shell sometimes and mix with the different races. Definitely 1 Malaysia 😀 And they are so so so so nice too 🙂 #grateful

So far, so good alhamdulillah. I’m hoping for the best in my years to come in dental school because I know that things will be more difficult each semester and more challenges will come and hit me. I think I’ll just sit back and take everything one at a time plus enjoy the experience of learning! That’s what matter in life – to enjoy what you do!

Wish me luck!

Exploring Cairo: of mosques & new year eve


After sightseeing at Salahudin Citadel, we headed to Mosque of Amr ibn al-As in the old city of Cairo. Fyi, Cairo is known as the city with 1000 minarets! Mosques are pretty muuch scattered around the city and it was a beautiful thing to listen to different athans whenever prayer times.  Sort of reminding us that in whatever circumstances, never ever skip praying.


the praying areas inside the mosque 

Up next, we went to Mosque of Imam Syafie around 20 minutes drive away. There, lies the mausoleum of Imam Syafie, one of the great 4 imams whose legacy on juridical matters and teaching led him to Shafie Mazhab. Speaking of him, most South East Asian Muslims would be familiar with him because we Muslims are practising according to his mazhab.



The ambiance inside the mosque is so calming and I love how everything inside the mosque is greenish. As a matter of fact, in Islam green is similar to peace 🙂 It was a remarkable experience to visit the mosque that once witnessed one of the greatest Islamic scholars and indeed I am grateful for the chance. Alhamdulillah. Imam Syafie was an inspiration and I wish to be an excellent student like how he did in the past. He was bornt in Gaza, Palestine and passed away in Egypt. He always seek for his teacher to learn and most of the time, he’d try to live as close to his teachers, all for the sake of gaining knowledge. MasyaaAllah.


We wanted to visit Imam Syafie’s mausoleum but it was closed due to renovation. After that, we proceeded to the Khalel Khalily, a shopping street where you can buy some souvenirs to be brought home. The atmosphere at that time was pretty lit considering it was New Year Eve haha! Locals strolling by with their beloved ones; restaurant were filled with customers and waiters promoting their menus; kids selling some toys and buses honking at the traffic. You could sniff smoke from the shisha and the kebabs being grilled in front of the restaurant and immediately hunger strikes you. Ahh, good times.


some shops sell souvenirs, some sell leather bags and some sell beautiful lamps!


those lamps are so so so pretty at night!!

There are A LOT of shops selling souvenirs on the street so make sure you try your best to negotiate! I’m not good at bargaining so I left the job to my mother and sisters lol 😅 We bought many souvenirs and btw, they don’t only sell keychains, there are a lot of beautiful accessories too (bracelets, rings, pendants, etc).


super busy traffic!

As time passed by, it got colder and the street got even busier. Restaurants were full house and you could hear musics blasting around the street; obviously people were excited to welcome New Year!

We stayed until 9 pm because we had to rush back to our motel to pack our stuffs since we would be leaving to Siwa that night. It was a long day indeed but worth remembering. We had our 12 am moments inside the van at the highway and I saw some fireworks in the sky. Hello 2017!


to more of seeing this kind of view in future insyaaAllah 🙂

To end my post, I feel so grateful that we met such nice people and our journey was sailing smooth. From meeting Ustaz Yusof to visiting the historical mosques, I wish I could spend more days in Cairo. There are sure lots of other less-travelled paths in Cairo and I hope to see you again, Cairo 😊