#skincaretalk: Simple Kind To Skin Toner

As everyone knows, toner is the vital second step in the skincare routine. It’s simply because after we wash our face, our face pH tends to get off balance so toner’s job is to rebalance back the pH to its rightful number. This Simple toner is my second toner actually and the first ever toner that I tried was Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Toner. My experience was horrible. It contains alcohol which doesn’t seem to go well with my skin. Breakouts happened and I stopped using it ever since. It sucks but as many say, you have to go wrong first then you’ll get the right answer.

Obviously, being a student, I would want to minimise my budget on skincare products but at the same time I’m looking for an effective product. You know, of course there are lots and lots of amazing toners out there but after looking at their price tags, I’d say kbye, I’m broke. It’s quite hard actually to find a decent toner that does its job and at the same time fulfils your budget needs.

And thank god I found this toner!!


To begin with, this toner is a part of the Kind To The Skin line from Simple. If I would describe it in 3 words, it’d be worth your money. Come on, it’s only priced at RM17 so it’s pretty cheap for a UK brand! I’m quite satisfied with it plus it’s pretty affordable too. I feel like it’ll be my go-to toner besides my wishlist toner (savings still in progress hehe). You can easily get it from most drugstores in Malaysia but I heard it’s a bestseller from the brand, so you might want to snatch it fast from the shelf 😉


Simple is a British brand that has been in the cosmetics arena for decades. I love how their company’s philosophy emphasizes on being kind to our skin that is actually sensitive. And what I really admire the brand is that you won’t find any artificial perfume/colour and animal-derived ingredients in any of their products.



You know, reviewing a product isn’t just as simple as saying OMG YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!! IT’S SO SO SO GOOD!!!! I feel that everyone needs to be aware of the ingredients inside every product so that you would know what you’re putting on your face. Plus, everyone would be able to learn which ingredients suit our skin type and it’ll be easier to select products based on our skin concern via the ingredients.

So, this toner mainly contains:

  • Niacinamide, a derivative of Vitamin B3 targeting blemishes
  • Pro vitamin B5 which helps moisturizing your skin and also has anti-inflammatory property
  • Allantoin that helps to promote healthy skin by stimulating skin regeneration
  • Chamomila Recutita Extract mainly for soothing purpose
  • Hamemialis Virginia Water which is a derivative of the famous witch hazel


Pour a bit on your palm of hands and gently pat, pat and pat on your face. Remember, pat, not spread! I’ve seen the differences between patting and spreading your toner and most beauty Youtubers also recommend patting 🙂 And btw, have any of you heard of the 7-skin layer methods introduced by the Koreans? It’s basically putting 7 layers of toner (only a small amount each layer) on your skin after cleansing. Sounds crazy huh? The reason for this is mainly for intense hydration and to make your skin plumpier. I’ve tried this before and the effects are surreal. My skin felt really moist and hydrated but nowadays, I reduce the layers to 4 instead since I don’t want my toner to finish up quickly. And yeah, I do this layering thingy only few times a week at night.

And once the toner has absorbed into your skin, proceed with serum/essence/oils.


Pros: Great value. No alcohol. No scent whatsoever. No animal derivatives. Contains niacinamide which is great for acne-prone skin type. No breakouts (for me). Affordable. Suitable for those wanting to try on drugstore toners.

Cons: It doesn’t give me the ‘wow’ effects such as brightening/lifting. I think it’s more to maintaining but I’m fine with it.

Hope this review helps you! 🙂


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