gone but never forgotten

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadhan 1438 Hijra, and also the day I finally decided to get my hands on a book.

It is “Yasmin Ahmad How You Know?”, written by her sister.

This book is not mine in the first place, it was my sister who bought it. The story of how the book ended up in her hands was quite funny though. She never intended to buy Yasmin Ahmad’s book in the first place, and somehow she got the author names mixed up haha. Instead of buying Yasmin Mogahed’s Reclaim Your Heart, she took this one home. (No worries, she already got herself the right book, problem’s solved)

And I must say, this book is refreshing in a way that tells you “eh, she’s very different from what I thought!”

Well, truthfully, Yasmin Ahmad never had an official biography book written about her, like the normal biography book you usually see in bookstores. Her death was 8 years ago and it was a truly big loss to Malaysians. Everyone during that time knew her as one of the most versatile directors in Malaysia and her TV commercials hit homerun every festival season. Very creatively made and very heartwarming.


It mainly tells about Yasmin Ahmad from the 3rd point of view – her colleagues, friends, etc. So, you’ll see no lengthy paragraphs in it which made the reading quicker but it made me pause my reading after each story. I don’t know why but she kinda gives me the spiritual-carefree-down-to-earth-happy vibes that not every artists have.


Simple advice from the best film director in Malaysia.


love this poem so much.


Her faith just amazes me.



She inspires me to be more connected with God and to always pray and pray to Him 🙂

And since it’s Ramadhan now, I believe that it’s the time of the year where we should reflect back on our intentions and to rejuvenate our faith. Ramadhan isn’t just about fasting. No, it means more than that. It’ll be a huge loss to not do zikr, to not attend tarawih, to not do sadaqah and other good deeds. Make use of the opportunities and may this year’s Ramadhan bring out the best in all of us ❤




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