#skincaretalk: Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer



Choosing the right moisturizer has been quite a struggle for me in Malaysia. I always get disappointed seeing cream-based moisturizers conquering most shelves in every drugstore I’ve been to. Cream-based moisturizers are definitely no-no  since it would make my skin shiny as hell if I use it! So, the only option when it comes to picking moisturizers is the gel type or water-based moisturizer. My bare face is already oily during the day, so I really need something to balance out the sebum output.

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I’ve read few reviews about this product and tbh, I’m such a picky consumer when it comes to the brand. Oily skin is quite a mess – acnes could easily appear out of nowhere and you’d need to have blotting papers with you most of the time when you’re out. So, I don’t really want to wrong-pick my skincare products and finally, I decided to give this brand a try.


Simple is a British brand that has been in the cosmetics arena for decades. I love how their company’s philosophy emphasizes on being kind to our skin that is actually sensitive. And what I really admire the brand is that you won’t find any artificial perfume/colour and animal-derived ingredients in any of their products. I’m not a fan of heavily scented products so yeay!! Plus I’m currently using their toner and I super duper love it (another review coming up).

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Since it caters the oily skin type, the active ingredients include:

Zinc PCA which has anti-aging benefits for skin, can reduce oiliness of the skin and reduce redness of acnes.

Pro-Vitamin B5/panthenol which will be converted to vitamin B5 when it is in contact with skin. It works mainly for regenerative, healing, moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Glycerin/glycerol which helps to attract moisture from air and help retain the moisture in your skin.

Tapioca starch to mattify the skin.

Vitamin E as antioxidants.

Phytosphingosine for reducing blemishes and anti-acne properties.

Anthemis nobilis flower oil that soothe the skin.




Not sticky and not occlusive at all so maybe it’s not really suitable for the dry-skin type. Also, even in air-conditioned room or when I’m outside, no sort of severe oiliness experienced.

After applying my serum, I usually put a pea size of the moisturizer and massage it gently onto my skin and neck. Some tips here – make sure you apply your moisturizer evenly and make sure to massage it on your face to so that it’ll penetrate your skin better.


PROS: It does a pretty decent job for my oily skin! Definitely better than my previous moisturizer and my skin doesn’t breakout with this moisturizer. For RM18.90, it is a very good moisturizer and also affordable for those on small steps towards better skincare routines 🙂

CONS: No SPF and it contains methylparaben but I don’t really mind because the concentration is quite low. And it doesn’t break me out so I’m fine with it.


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