dealing with sh*ts

I couldn’t exactly remember on what day this thing happened, but certainly it was the unluckiest day (so far) in my 2017. The experience was similar to when I did sand boarding in Egypt – amazingly smooth at first but in the end, I went rolling down the hill.

So, here’s how the story goes.

On that day, I woke up early, bathed, pray Fajr, put on my attires for the day and spent some time in front of the mirror. Obviously, a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do so yeah I did my normal skincare routine and applied lipstick. The road to becoming feminine, lol. You know when a woman puts her efforts into dressing up well, it signifies that she’s got the confidence to rock the day. But hey, it’s true we women take so much time to get ready, so yeah, sorry we couldn’t do anything about it.

So advice number one: when everything seems so smooth and perfect, it isn’t. Something will definitely go wrong.

Later, I took my breakfast downstairs and while scrolling Twitter, I virtually imagined my day. I always do this thing every morning because it feels amazing to plan your day beforehand plus it makes everyday tasks easier to deal with. Until one moment when I realized that my father was still sleeping soundly on his bed. Shoot. I was supposed to catch a 6:30 am train since my class started at 8 so there was 20 minutes left to go. And the journey from my house to the train station is around 8-10 minutes. From far, i could sense the waves approaching.

Well, I could have just take the 6:45 am train but then it would mean being late to class. At that moment, I was anxious because it has been my aspirations to freaking come early to class. In simpler words, I’m sick of being late every time. To those who still don’t know me yet (haha), I have always had bad records of 1) being late to class 2) being late and decided to skip the class. So in this glorious year of 2017, I want to be someone early and secure those front row seats!! Lol not the first row lah!

And of course, when things are fated to happen, it will happen no matter how hard we tried. Long story cut short, I missed the train by only 1.5 seconds after speeding like an athlete on the platform. I became tired, frustrated and my day didn’t even end nicely as well. HAHAHA. I also missed the LRT on my way back home and my journey got delayed for almost an hour. Definitely not my day indeed.

My situation as stated above is so not complicated (lol I know I exaggerated a bit) but imagine from a small problem, it could affect our emotions strongly and poof, emotional shut down happens.

We do have a choice on how to deal with daily problems, be it the simplest ones or the complicated ones. Same goes to my situation above. I can come up with a thousand excuses on why it happened to me but what benefits do I really get from complaining?

That’s right, none.

And the choice could be either:

option 1: keep on worrying, whining and drowning my emotions in the seas of regrets and disappointments.

option 2: calm down and assure ourselves that sokay though sh*tty things do happen so next time lets not make it happen again. 

So, this is advice number two: freaking. move. on.

And exactly, why are we mourning so much over one mishap? Well, that doesn’t give us the authority to keep on repeating those mistakes but come on people, we’ve got 364 days left to live on! I myself had similar thoughts when mishaps occur to me like missing the train, not getting any seats in the train, buying the wrong ticket, seeing my parents picking me up late and blablablabla. Complaining is so unhealthy and we are only feeding our egos with negativity. You see, complaining is pretty toxic and without us realizing, it already sucked out our energy. And that’s why we often feel tired after getting stressed about something.

It is a well-known fact too that our emotions are easily triggered by the smallest thing ever. Like how easy it is to be angry when someone silently cut our queue or when someone took our seat in the cinema. But, we can’t avoid neither delete them completely from our mind. Like in the Disney film Inside Out where we tend to misjudge Sadness when in the end, she is the one who is able to tied up the knots for Andy and her family. Sadness deserves a space inside our brain. It’d come anytime when triggered so we have to carefully deal with it. How to deal? Embrace it. Let those tears flow. Let those anger out. Go play those computer games or perhaps if you have a punching bag, go punch as hard as you can. Do what you feel suits you. Ditch the books for a while and go stalk people on Instagram. My favourite way would be taking a nap. Nap is my ultimate savior because it’s soo easy and requires zero vigorous physical movements! Haha. However, don’t let these feelings linger around way too long. Give them kisses & hugs and quickly say our goodbyes. They’d come again but when they do, you would already know how to send them away quickly in the smartest way ever.


Someone who’s still struggling to be on time for 8 am class.







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