my skincare journey

Since it’s my 100th post (yeay!), so I thought why not write about something I’m really into these days. Yeap, you read the title – skin to the care.

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Have you ever had any friends who seem to not even have a single zit on their faces and there are no scars to be seen? And when you ask them, how do you take care of your skin and they’ll reply i dunno ….. HAHAHA, happens to me a lot since I’m the one who’s on the questioning side.

I later understood that most of them have ‘beautiful-skin’ genes inherited from either of their parents. As lucky as it may seem to be, everyone has their own struggles with their skins. Some struggle with large pores, some with uneven skin tones and some face problems with their blackheads. See the point there? No use comparing our skin (especially skin colour) cuz trust me, every skin colour has its pros and cons. For instant, I’ve seen people with dark tones who have superb, glowing skin while I’ve come across people with fair tones with visible scars and redness.

However, it’s so obvious that nowadays in Malaysia, cosmetics is all about whitening. Some Malaysians are obsessed with having fair complexion. It’s like beautiful is equivalent to having fair skin. Worse, some companies aiming for profits decided to put aside the quality of the products. The ingredients aren’t skin-nourishing, plus some contain dangerous chemicals that could harm our skin directly. For instant, mercury. So, readers, please embrace your skin colour. Be happy with it and over time, improve your skin condition by learning how to properly take care of it!

how it started

meet my beauty guru

For your information, I’ve been loving this skincare thingy so much since I came across a Youtube channel called Gothamista last year (pls go check her out!!). She’s my go-to Youtuber when it comes to skincare plus I really love the fact that skincare is her number one priority, not makeups. I stand by her belief since makeups are not my forte, sorry. Her reviews are REAL and thoroughly made with all those explanations about the content of the product itself. She’s an Asian so that’s quite another factor lol #proudasians . She made her reviews really good that I feel like purchasing those products instantly! And I’m quite thankful actually to be learning about skincare from her in my early 20s so I can start prepping my skin to be the best it can during my 30 ++ in future.

my past


me in 2013

My commitment (lol) towards this skincare journey began only last year after A-Levels. I was so busy focusing on my studies that I abandoned my skin, sadly. Even during my high school/college days, I didn’t use any products on my skin – haha those days when my skin aspired to be chemical-free lol! Silly Saf, really silly. I didn’t bother to at least wash my face with facial cleansers at all. Usually, after finishing classes on a hectic day, I’d resort to just splashing my tired skin with normal tap water and that was it. No toner. No essence. No moisturizer. What more sunscreen. And now, I am not really surprised why my skin was behaving badly during high school and college – I didn’t even bother to treat them instead I just waited for those zits to shrink and life goes on. Nowadays, I would cringe a lot looking at my past (standing directly under the hot sun during sports day smh) because imagine, at the age of 17-20, your skin is waiting to be pampered with lots of vitamins and nourishing ingredients. Plus, you’re at the peak of the teenagers era so yeah. And you’d always wonder why celebrities have super beautiful skin. Obviously it’s due to consistent skincare routines and facial treatments.

However, I’m excited to be learning A LOT of things regarding skincare at this age. For example, I got to discover my skin type and my skin major concerns. And seriously, if you haven’t started yet, you should now. Just go to Youtube and explore the endless videos about skincare; there’s always something new to discover and learn from the amazing Youtubers.

Btw, my skin is far from the ‘flawless’ status and I’m trying to enjoy the journey towards achieving the best skin condition for me. Having a flawless (flawless is so overrated nowadays, isn’t it) skin is definitely a bonus since you can achieve any makeup looks effortlessly and you’ll have a smoother canvas to work on. But please, consult someone professional like the dermatologists if you have serious skin concerns (eczema, cystic acne, extreme redness, etc). Most importantly, I’d really suggest you guys to do some research on your skin type (so important!!!!) and the products relevant to treating your skin concerns. Never ever go for the fake ones ok. Trust me, they’ll do a lot of damages to you.

And if someone were to ask me on the best skincare products, I’d say that most of the time it’s a trial-and-error process. Recommendations/reviews can always be considered but you shouldn’t put depend 100 percent on them. Let’s face the fact that sometimes Product A may work amazingly on others but not on you and vice versa. The least you could do is to know your skin type and make some research on the best ingredients for your skin concern.

I think it’ll be great to share bits of my skincare routine and product reviews on my blog in the future. Who knows, it might help you guys to carefully choose your own skincare needs 🙂

Until the next post!




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