surviving my first week in university

Finally, after 16 months of holiday, I’m back to continuing my studies! 16 FREAKING MONTHS OMG THAT WAS THE LONGEST BREAK I’VE EVER HAD! I’m fully satisfied and no worries, I had enough rest already so bring it on uni! My brain got completely recharged, lol I think overcharged (haha) so I’m excited to get those lazy nerves back on working mode!

As a matter of fact, I started my degree quite late at the age of 21. I was supposed to continue my degree in the UK, but due to some problems, I had to ditch the offer. Sokay though. As sad as how my situation appeared to be, I’m glad that it happened. Not going to the UK opened some amazing doors for me like being able to travel to Egypt, spending more time with my cat and perhaps being able to be closer to home, especially to my parents. I’m so attached to my family for the past 2 years and maybe being distant from them would bring me more harm than good. I don’t know, but God certainly knows what he is doing. Despite the situation, the past 4 months were completely amazing – I took up some part time jobs, I wrote on my blog a lot and my life is happier with my cat. And most importantly, I got over the sadness!

How was my first day?

My first day in dental school went nicely! Went through the basic registration stuffs – documents submission, ID picture photo session, heard some welcoming speeches and received my coats. I was a bit nervous the night before registration day; thinking whether is this the right path or would I be able to adapt to the new environment. God knows how nervous I felt because obviously, my brain has been in SLEEP mode for the past 16 months and who knows, it might be rusty inside? Hahaha.

I hate being in a completely new environment, actually. It’s like you have to re-start life all over again and meet new people, introduce your name and get into few conversations. And then you would have some awkward silences when both parties do not know what else to talk about, haih. I hate awkward moments, guys. If possible, I’d like to skip that phase and just go to the part where everyone knows each other and can simply talk about anything comfortably. But of course, life doesn’t work that way, so awkward moments are inevitable.

My second day began with me waking up early at 5 to commute to university. Yes, I’m staying at home currently and in the time being, I’m planning to commute daily to university. As hard as it seems, it is not (alhamdulillah). Idk, God really plans this well like my university is just located across the LRT station and my journey to uni only takes 1 hour 15 minutes! There are some pros and cons too but thankfully, my journey everyday has been smooth. No delays and no latecomers yeay! And it made me appreciate home more because I get to see my beloved family and cat every day.

Of course on the first week, you couldn’t escape those briefings about your course, insurance thingy, tuition fees and other stuff. Guess who didn’t ever sleep inside the hall? 😉 Sort of achievement for me since I’m not a morning person hehe. And yes, I made some friends! New freaking friends haha. Here’s some names in case I forget ok – Shaza, Audrey, Celine, Caroline, Victor, Yi Hang, Wan Shing, Eunice, Nishya. You know what?There are only around 10 Malays in my batch hahaha so finally I can mingle around non-Malays after so long of not being able to. At first, it felt hmm different but over time, I adapted. It’s nice to get out of the shell sometimes and mix with the different races. Definitely 1 Malaysia 😀 And they are so so so so nice too 🙂 #grateful

So far, so good alhamdulillah. I’m hoping for the best in my years to come in dental school because I know that things will be more difficult each semester and more challenges will come and hit me. I think I’ll just sit back and take everything one at a time plus enjoy the experience of learning! That’s what matter in life – to enjoy what you do!

Wish me luck!


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