Exploring Cairo: of mosques & new year eve


After sightseeing at Salahudin Citadel, we headed to Mosque of Amr ibn al-As in the old city of Cairo. Fyi, Cairo is known as the city with 1000 minarets! Mosques are pretty muuch scattered around the city and it was a beautiful thing to listen to different athans whenever prayer times.  Sort of reminding us that in whatever circumstances, never ever skip praying.


the praying areas inside the mosque 

Up next, we went to Mosque of Imam Syafie around 20 minutes drive away. There, lies the mausoleum of Imam Syafie, one of the great 4 imams whose legacy on juridical matters and teaching led him to Shafie Mazhab. Speaking of him, most South East Asian Muslims would be familiar with him because we Muslims are practising according to his mazhab.



The ambiance inside the mosque is so calming and I love how everything inside the mosque is greenish. As a matter of fact, in Islam green is similar to peace 🙂 It was a remarkable experience to visit the mosque that once witnessed one of the greatest Islamic scholars and indeed I am grateful for the chance. Alhamdulillah. Imam Syafie was an inspiration and I wish to be an excellent student like how he did in the past. He was bornt in Gaza, Palestine and passed away in Egypt. He always seek for his teacher to learn and most of the time, he’d try to live as close to his teachers, all for the sake of gaining knowledge. MasyaaAllah.


We wanted to visit Imam Syafie’s mausoleum but it was closed due to renovation. After that, we proceeded to the Khalel Khalily, a shopping street where you can buy some souvenirs to be brought home. The atmosphere at that time was pretty lit considering it was New Year Eve haha! Locals strolling by with their beloved ones; restaurant were filled with customers and waiters promoting their menus; kids selling some toys and buses honking at the traffic. You could sniff smoke from the shisha and the kebabs being grilled in front of the restaurant and immediately hunger strikes you. Ahh, good times.


some shops sell souvenirs, some sell leather bags and some sell beautiful lamps!


those lamps are so so so pretty at night!!

There are A LOT of shops selling souvenirs on the street so make sure you try your best to negotiate! I’m not good at bargaining so I left the job to my mother and sisters lol 😅 We bought many souvenirs and btw, they don’t only sell keychains, there are a lot of beautiful accessories too (bracelets, rings, pendants, etc).


super busy traffic!

As time passed by, it got colder and the street got even busier. Restaurants were full house and you could hear musics blasting around the street; obviously people were excited to welcome New Year!

We stayed until 9 pm because we had to rush back to our motel to pack our stuffs since we would be leaving to Siwa that night. It was a long day indeed but worth remembering. We had our 12 am moments inside the van at the highway and I saw some fireworks in the sky. Hello 2017!


to more of seeing this kind of view in future insyaaAllah 🙂

To end my post, I feel so grateful that we met such nice people and our journey was sailing smooth. From meeting Ustaz Yusof to visiting the historical mosques, I wish I could spend more days in Cairo. There are sure lots of other less-travelled paths in Cairo and I hope to see you again, Cairo 😊


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