Exploring Siwa: dinner in desert

read part I and part 2 if you haven’t.



After we were done with sandboarding, all of us were so ready to go back and couldn’t wait to hit the warm shower. I remember sitting beside Amu Fatih in the car and asking him, “Where are we eating tonight?” And he quickly replied, “Oh, we’ll eat dinner here, in the desert…you excited?”


“Umm, you mean in the middle of the freezing weather??????” That was my unspoken thought at that time. Sokay, let’s embrace this experience. YOLO.



Meet Mr. Heater.

He then drove us to a campsite and since sunset just passed by, it was the perfect timing to eat. Except for the wind, though. Zzzzz. While waiting for dinner to be served, we all sat around the fireplace that has been set up for the visitors to heat ourselves. Here’s to natural heating since there’s no electric heater available. Yes, no electricity btw. However, we had a wonderful time there since there are a lot of firelamps around the campsite and moon was full at that night yeay! And when we had nothing to talk about, we would look up to the sky and witnessed the stars. Trust me, there were A LOT of stars in the sky and you can easily spot Orion and Scorpion above. Beautiful.


While waiting, another amu played some music with his instrument. I’ve never seen such instrument but he played it nicely. Later, we were shown how the chickens are cooked by the workers – they would be placed inside a large pot and the pot would be buried deep in the piles of sand. No frying, only grilled! Amazing, isn’t it?


Picture’s not good but the food was! 

After a long wait, finally dinner was ready! I thought we would eat inside the camp since it was damn cold outside.. but nope. Hmm.. I was so hungry that I was the first to finish haha! It felt so delicious especially when you’re damn hungry. 10 degrees dinner, check.

After finishing our dinner…….

“Ok, dinner’s done, so let’s go home…”

Uh uh, not so fast. Enjoy some mint teas first.

“Ok, done with teas. What next?


Music. Yes, music in the middle of the desert.


I was lazy to join the crowd but then they already invited. It would be a shame not joining them cuz when your hosts offer you something, you take it. Have some courtesy okay, ladies and gentlemen. We watched amus play some instruments while singing. It was a lively atmosphere where they served us some lemon grass teas and we would clap our hands, laughing and smiling 😀 It didn’t went very long because we needed to go back and rest. I guess Amu Fatih recognized our tired faces plus my parents were exhausted so they need more rests than us kids. Playing around the desert can be quite exhausting, actually, especially on winter days. It got colder at night and the best place to be was on our beds. Amu Fatih then called it a day and off we went back to the motel.

What a splendid day in the desert :””))


Deserts can be both beautiful and daunting too. You would not want to wander around alone there.


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