Exploring Siwa: meeting locals

Hi readers, we meet again on this post! Here’s the link to my the first Siwa post in case you haven’t read. And now, let’s continue.


We arrived in the small town of Siwa at dusk and later were greeted by our guide who’s a Siwa native local, Amu Fatih. Ps, amu is a friendly term we refer for uncle here in Egypt. He literally is the go-to local guide for foreigners and also the big boss for his private tour company. He owns a hotel btw in Siwa so he’s mainly the tourist favourite. And I think everyone here in Siwa knows him and yes, he’s rich haha. Accompanied by him for 2 days, I must say that he takes group photos of us very nicely, especially with the panoramic view that lies behind us. Thumbs up for Amu Fatih 🙂


After putting our bags at the motel, we directly went to have our dinner at Abdu Restaurant in town. Weather was quite nice at that time, but still needs a bit of layering inside. We had a typical Egyptian dinner – bread, chicken, rice, salads, etc. I love how healthy their menus are compared to Malaysia’s. Malaysian food has lots of oils where Egyptians prefer theirs to be grilled and they ate LOTS of veggies, too. Certainly the veggies over there are fresher than Malaysia’s due to the weather. Obviously. I even started to like eating salads/veggies there and I hope that feeling continues in Malaysia. The table were so full of plates and guess who managed to finish my dinner? ME!! Woohoo quite an achievement since they serve large portions in Egypt but I was so hungry at that time so my appetite couldn’t refuse such feasts! Went back to the lodging with full stomach and a smile on my face 😀 It’s so true when people say this, “Feed a woman with food, and she’ll be happier than ever..” HAHA


there were so many plates on the table. burp.


Talking about our lodging in Siwa, we stayed at Siwa Inn Motel. Small, yet cozy place to stay. Building’s classic and reflects Egyptian style which I really adore.  Near the reception, you’ll see a few couches to relax while watching the local soap operas on the TV, or you can always enjoy the free wifi 😉 Then, you’ll find a door leading to the dining area, usually there is where we usually ate our breakfast and just enjoy the chilly morning. Beyond the dining area, there’s a door to the beautiful backyard. The backyard is very beautiful! It’s simply a place where you can chill at night/day, sitting around the camp fire and just be amazed looking at the night sky. Trust me, the stars are abundant at night and you can even spot the Milky Way! I’m really really impressed with how nicely built this motel are and it doesn’t really stick to modernity. I like how it wants to be ‘Egypt’ despite time passing by and technology rising everywhere. That’s gold.


the door leading to the dining area and kitchen


where we had breakfasts. no heater available, just the chilly morning air they had.


i miss this kind of view. peaceful and cozy.

We also met Amu Mahmoud, a kitchen worker and Amu Musayyid, the owner of the motel. Both are veryyyy kind and welcoming 🙂 I still remember I was awake early and went to kitchen with my sister to get some hot water. Later, Amu Musayyid came to us and offered some Egyptian-style baked beans straight out of the pan! Aww, he’s a very kind man. There’s this kind of warm gestures from strangers that you would never forget when you’re in a foreign land. Magic of travel. Despite not understanding what he was saying, me and my sister did his favour. He was happy that we were the first ones to taste his cooking. Great times, indeed.


kitchen beyond the wall


Here’s what we had for breakfast, classic Egyptian style. Nan bread, honey/strawberry jam, yogurt and you can choose between coffee/tea. A simple start for the long day!


A picture before we left to Alex in front of the motel with Amu Musayyid on the left and Amu Mahmoud on the right.

Memories that I won’t forget. Thank you amus :”””)



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