what i ate in jakarta

[Ok so this post is so overdue (almost a year has passed haha) so yeah here you go 😉 ]

Having visited Jakarta, I can say that nothing beats the authenticity of their local food. Basically, there are A LOT of street food and it was an interesting sight to watch. No big difference than Malaysia. Enough talking, here are the photos

what i ate

  1. Kerak telor



Bought this around Kota Tua and you can either choose telor ayam (chicken egg) or telor bebek (duck egg). I tried the duck egg and it was surprisingly good but would better if eaten with sambal, I think.

2. Sate padang


Sate sapi (beef) eaten with spicy gravy. VERY VERY GOOD.

3. Nasi padang



So we ate nasi padang in a restaurant called Restoran Sederhana (the name doesn’t reflect how much we spent there lol). They served us around 20 plates of lauk (dish) together with rice and yes, as everyone knows, you’ll only be charged for dishes that you took. I didn’t manage to taste everything but I had quite a delicious meal. Tasted ayam bakar, rendang daging, telor ikan emas, sambal ijau, cumi and cucur jagung. All were delicious!!

3. Teh botol


A must-drink when you’re in Indonesia. Seriously. Since I really dislike the taste of jasmine tea, I thought I’ll pass this drink. You know, jasmine tea’s fragrant is too strong and it’s hard to tolerate with. Suddenly in Jakarta, I could even finish a bottle of it. Weird huh? Btw, if you are ordering tea in Jakarta, they’ll serve you jasmine tea. Not the Lipton-tea version or teh o like how we usually get in Malaysia. If you want milk tea, mention ‘teh susu’.

4. Kiyora milk tea (teh susu)


Nabila was very kind to buy me this drink since I craved for one and got bored drinking teh botol. I love this milk tea and plus, its recipe originates from Japan. It claims to having a nature taste but dunno I think it tastes just nice? Hahahha

5. Avocado juice/ jus alpukat


Paid 10,000 rupiah for this juice and oh my, it’s so creamy and thick! The portion is huge that 2 people can share this drink 🙂

6. Bakmi goreng


Spent 3 days in the city and didn’t even eat bakmi. Lol. So, my sister and I managed to scoop in some time at Bakmi GM in the airport to eat bakmi. Served with soup and some keropok. The noodle is quite nice!

7. Tauhu gejrot


Picture from Google

My taste buds exploded when I tasted this street food. Slightly uncomfortable because I think they put in too many chillies. So, meet tauhu gejrot: fried tauhu goreng eaten with some kuah and topped with cabai (green chilies). At first, it felt weird but then, it was ok.

8. Seblak


Picture from Google

Seblak originated from Bandung and it is a pretty simple dish. Quite delicious and I like the spiciness 😀

9. Pempek


Photo from Google

It’s a savory dish from Palembang and consists of yellow noodles served with a dark, sweet & sour gravy called kuah cuka. It also has some fried fishcakes. The taste is somehow similar to yong tau foo but the yong tau foo gravy is a lot more thicker. Quite delicious 🙂


Thanks for reading guys!




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