my favourite book in 2k16

goes to…………………………..




(The back cover doesn’t reveal the story much, I know. Simply, it tells you to just start reading the first page in order to know what it is all about)

In case if you’re wondering, Hujan is the title of a book, not that local band Hujan.  Heh. It all started when my sister returned home from Jogja with a blue book with a signature of her newly made Indo friend, Tamar on the first page. Tamar brought my sister and her friend to a bookstore there and quickly recommended Tere Liye’s books. Both have same passion (so lucky!) and I guess it’s her luck to be meeting such person during travel. That’s the magic of travelling – you’ll never expect whom you’ll be meeting and there are so many possibilities, bad or good ones. Upon returning home, my sister was so excited telling all her stories. At first, Tere Liye doesn’t ring a bell the first time I heard about him; I’m only reminded of Andrea Hirata and Habiburrahman El Shirazy when it comes to Indonesian authors. You know, the hit Laskar Pelangi novel and Ayat-Ayat Cinta novel. Typical, lulz. I know.

My sister was the first to read Hujan and she kept on woahh-ing at every paragraph she read in every chapter. She insisted me to start reading that book and so I began. At first, I was hesitant to read it considering that it is an Indonesian book, which equals to different language and different ‘feel’. How in the world would I be able to  understand Indonesian words fully? Speaking maybe okay, but there are actually a lot of Indonesian words that do not share the same meaning with Malay.

Nonetheless, I adjusted really well to the language (yeayy)!! It’s easy guys, trust me. Google Translate helps A LOT, I tell you 😉


I’ll give it 5 stars!!

Wow, up till now I can still feel the thrill reading that one chapter where the conflict happens (not gonna spoil it guys!). Hahaha, seriously guys, it’s a fantastic book. It’s futuristic and at the same time, I feel like it’s happening right in front of my eyes. I don’t know if I’m exaggerating, but I found myself purely satisfied throughout the 300-page book. Definitely worth every minute of reading and you’ll want more. Yes, more of Tere Liye’s please! Every ideas and imagination regarding to his own version of future is described very creatively and I wonder would it be a reality in years to come. Maybe yes, maybe no. His imaginations are incredible, hands down.

I super love this book, the theme, characters, settings, values and obviously the ending. Haha. Indonesian literature is beautiful and I simply adore it. The author does a great job in creating moments through friendships, love and even through hardships. Lail-Maryam’s friendship is a simple example of true friendship when they’re tested with big loss of their families. And I learnt A LOT about the geography, volcanoes and climates in Indonesia from that book. So yeah, bonus point for the extra knowledge.

Days later, I tried rummaging every single bookstore in Seremban to find Tere Liye’s books.

I’ve got none of it. urghh

Wait, shouldn’t there be at least 10 Indonesian books/authors here?! Kinokuniya? Hmm, I doubt Kinokuniya has one. I’ll try finding it there, someday if I have the time. It’s a loss though, knowing that Hujan has been printed 20 TIMES, yeap 20 times in Indonesia. That explains why it has become a hit in Indo and have yet to reach Malaysia.


Pretty much explains why I’m heading to Jakarta now. Bye peeps.


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