in peace

15 november 2016

This week has been tough for me and my beloved ones, emotionally and physically. To begin with, my sister’s kitten which is around 2-3 weeks old died. Our beloved Blackey died due to parvo virus and he got a flu which worsened his condition. We brought him to the vet, and yes the vet gave him some medications to de-worm him and since his stomach was a bit inflated, so he gave him few shots of drugs to release the gas from his stomach. So, here am I, still feeling puzzled upon his death. Who’s to be blamed in this matter? Was the vet at fault for giving something so foreign to a very young kitten that was separated from his mother? Btw, Blackey was found by my sister alone near a dumping site near our neighbourhood’s market. He was left alone, perhaps dumped by uncivilized people and when my sister discovered him, there were like two puppies barking at him nearby. How could we not rescue him, guys? And thankfully, my sister brought him home and became his mother.

11 days with us and sadly, he had to go. I could remember clearly that night when I arrived home from work seeing my sister drenched in tears while holding him. I don’t know about you guys, but I always assume that things would be better after going to the vet. But in this case, it didn’t. I guess it was too much for Blackey to endure all those pains on his own. And I suppose he didn’t get the sufficient antibody to fight the virus since he didn’t drink his mommy’s milk. Colostrum from a mother cat is still the best because it contains the vital antibodies for the kittens. It’s still a sad night until now because I was there during his final breath. I just couldn’t forget the moment he stopped breathing and fluids started coming out of his nose. Poor Blackey :””((( No words could describe when I witnessed such adorable, loud Blackey became someone very weak and helpless. What more my sister. She spent her days giving care for Blackey – milking, petting, cleaning his poops and putting him to sleep. Tough times for her, so please pray that she’d get the strength to handle this. For me, I’m pretty sure that Blackey didn’t die in vain, for he left the world being remembered by so many people and he got the chance to feel warmth and affection from my family. Definitely, he is loved by many and now, it’s time for him to rest in peace.

Still missing you, Blackey.


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