ramadhan in acheh

Procrastinated for the past 4 months and yassss, finally it’s done yeayyy

To those wondering, the idea of having a short Ramadhan getaway started around early 2016. I thought, it’d be so great to be able to spend a few days of Ramadhan overseas. You know, I just want to know how it really feels to be fasting overseas; well I’ve spent almost 20 years fasting in Malaysia. Also, I have a sister who has similar thoughts as mine (thank god!) and she quickly signed up. She’s like me, but smaller and with nicer teeth. Our decision was quite prompt so both of us decided to make the trip as relaxed as we can. No fixed itinerary was made, it was a go-out-when-we-feel-like-going-to kinda trip. Pretty fun actually!

Long words aside, here are some pictures of Aceh. Enjoy 🙂

Yes, it’s me and fyi, it was captured at 2% battery level. Thanks, kak!
Such a beautiful sea and beach but ironically, the first tsunami arrived here from the Indian Ocean 😦
Few hours before berbuka. View like this never makes us tired!
Visited the dome which got carried away by the waves and later was found 2.5 km away from its original place. And yes, it was separated from the building!

2 hours before berbuka, many food stalls and restaurants would open, just by the roadside. Pictures above, me and my sister were strolling around, looking for some food and we saw many different types of kuih that can’t be seen in Malaysia. Sate Minang is really good though! Ended up buying Sate Minang.

Had our first berbuka at a restaurant beside our guesthouse. Mee Aceh for 2 and had our tastebuds on Kopi Aceh. Quite nice 🙂

Performed our first tarawikh in Masjid Baiturrahman. It is so so so beautiful plus peaceful and we managed to stay till the end of prayers, alhamdulillah. One of the best feelings ever to pray here :”)
One of the reasons why I love Aceh – the sea. But the wind can be so intimidating for it blows quite strong!
One of the things I’ve been dying for – my sister’s oval face. Help.
This is the mosque that appeared in every article regarding 2004 tsunami. The mosque that survived those waves.
It was a windy afternoon and since there was no lunch, we decided to enjoy the view as much as we can 🙂

Picture above :what we ate for supper (moreh). One of the best iced coffees I’ve ever tasted and one of the best in Aceh. And yes, bakso!! Very delicious 🙂
p/s: Banda Acheh is very meriah at night during Ramadhan and restaurants will open until 1 am. So, we did our food hunting at night and returned quite late to our guest house.

Visiting the same mosque before berbuka. There’s a construction ongoing around the mosque and they are trying to build some giant umbrellas like in Medina.

I’m really impressed that travelling while fasting isn’t really tiring! Trust me. I expected us to faint at the end of the day, but we didn’t alhamdulillah. We even felt stronger plus our spending on food is definitely reduced hehe. Quite a good thing that we do not need to think about breakfast and yeayy, more time to explore the city. Plus, it was very hard to not get awake during sahur since the local mosques will turn on the siren that can be heard all over the city. Good strategy they got there to remind us Muslims to sahur 😉

Definitely will be back in future!


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