raising a kitten


Shooo cute.

Having a cat has always been my dream since I was a kid. Since young, I’d imagine myself surrounded by cute, fluffy cats whenever I come home. Those cats would be there for me, and my life would be better with them. Talking about pets, my house once had been a place full of pets – cats, rabbits, fish, even chickens! But sadly, none of them lasted until now. At one time, there were too many cats and things got so messy. Lots of cats = scattered poopoos and peeing. Fyi, my parents aren’t really fond of cats around the house. So, something horrible happened and all of them were gone. All of them. I was only a small kid at that time and couldn’t stop my parents’ decision. God forgive us.

Moving on, recently my sister and I found a small kitten that was in a horrible condition. It was around 2 months old and thankfully, a nice lady rescued it earlier and later gave it to us. Hmm, let’s just say that karma hits us back. Seriously, guys, karma can be so real sometimes. It comes so unexpectedly in a way that you could not run away. Trust me.

Meh, it’s just a kitten, I thought. DEFINITELY NOT!!! Raising a kitten separated from his mommy is very challenging. It’s like you’re now being a mommy – food, milk, play, medication, sleep, repeat. Those 5 things are now becoming a part daily routines or in serious words, responsibility. You need to keep an eye on the kitten, especially when it starts to meow. Is it hungry? Need milk? Need attention? You need to observe its behaviour (kittens are so unexpected!!) like its poo poo timing and cuddling time.

I feel so bad to say this but if raising a kitten is this hard, what more raising a child? Raising a child would definitely mean more demands and more commitments.

Wait, why am I thinking about this? Wayyyyy too early to think. Got tonnes of better things to focus on right now heh :3

Whatever it is, I’m grateful to be able to help. It really opens my mind about giving my best at everything that comes in my way. Sick kittens really deserve to be treated well and never ever downgrade them. Just because they look ugly when they’re sick, people ignore them. That’s so unfair. But I always believe that God will reward those who treat animals nicely. To those loving animals unconditionally, may God bless you.

Arghh, can’t wait to see Cincan heal and grow! Smooth recovery Can ❤ !!!







3 thoughts on “raising a kitten

    1. Really appreciate you reading my post. Indeed, my life is a lot more happier being a momma cat. My kitten is growing healthily and it feels so great watching him play around 🙂


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