of rio 2016

Basically me watching golf, how on earth do they determine the winner? Boogey? Par? What is that? Sports for the rich people?

Forget golf, I am better watching tennis or badminton. Or even swimming, although sometimes I get confused differentiating breaststroke and backstroke. Heh. My mom knows better than me. She loves sports that she doesn’t even watch dramas guys. Only sports channels. If you too love sports, you’ll have a good conversation with her. Believe me. Just mention Djokovic, she’ll know. Well, I too love watching sports, furthermore Rio Olympics has just passed. Who doesn’t love watching world records being created? For me, sports is a great way to be inspired. Those athletes competing didn’t just end up there easily. They had a lot of sacrifices and hard work so that they’ll make their country proud. I’m pretty sure they had a lot of things to deal with – depressions, time management, finding sponsors, improving and other things. Like everyone know, Usain Bolt ran on the track for a total of 38.59 seconds and he won 3 golds! That was super quick but trust me, there are so many hours spent behind the success. So yeah, that’s why successful athletes deserve some appreciation. They even sacrificed their youth time for sports, moreover family time. Ask ourselves, are we willing to do the same? Definitely not an easy task.

I believe every single Olympian competing will either aim for a gold medal or even bronze will suffice. Nobody likes losing and return home empty-handed. No one. Losing sucks especially when you were so close to that gold medal. And that happened to our fellow Malaysian in Rio. Hate it or not, I myself shed a tear during Chen Long’s gold medal point that he eventually won. It was a struggle watching LCW left the court early and deep inside, each of us felt something. Tsk tsk. We all wanted LCW to win so badly, that it’s not for us but it is for him who gave his all during his career. But sadly, he didn’t. It was a pain for us to watch, what more he felt inside. Hugs for you LCW for being so brave 🙂

Apparently, there were so many positive words/wishes from each of us on social medias. I am impressed and happy to see that Malaysians are supportive and did not point their fingers towards LCW. It’s ok if it’s only silver. It’s ok. You’ve tried your best and most importantly, you’ve inspired so many people out there. You are the gold.

Tokyo 2020, hopefully we’ll witness a history.

Malaysia Boleh!


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