being normal


Simple things I’d love to share based on some amazing articles that I’ve read:

1/ If the ideas of making goals stress you out, then you’re in the wrong direction.

2/ Negative emotions are parts of your life – there’s no way you’re going to eliminate them. You only need to embrace them, that’s all. As soon as you try to eliminate a thought/emotion, you make it stronger. Acknowledge those thoughts/feelings. You’re the one who should be controlling them.

3/ Remember that someone else had been in a similar situation as what you’re facing right now. There WILL be a way.

4/ You, me, everyone else in this world all have nothing to lose.

5/ There’s nothing wrong with being honest.

6/ Be content with whatever you have.

7/ Manage your energy, not your time.

p/s: I love reading James Clear and Mark Manson. Hope you’ll love reading them too πŸ™‚


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