being a tutor (ii)

Although Bahasa is my mother tongue, it kinda feels awkward to be teaching Science in Bahasa, considering that I myself learnt Maths and Science in English since Standard 1. Well, 1996 line has always been made the experiment rats by the government -.-

After a while, hey it wasn’t that hard! It felt good actually to be able to explain in my mother tongue about a few topics – digestion, photosynthesis, symbiosis. Except for the scientific terms. Hah, I quite struggled to translate some of the English terms into Bahasa like,

Bunsen burner —-> penunu Bunsen.

Conical flask —->  kelalang kon.

See the major differences?

I also taught K English. Omg I thought teaching English would be so easy, but it’s not! I thought I needed to teach him EVERYTHING from vocabulary to essay-writing. Thankfully, I didn’t need to. Hehe. Instead, I aimed at his weaknesses. Just focus on one weakness and turn it into a strength.

In fact, that’s how I really plan my studies all these years. I didn’t waste my time doing every single past years’ questions because obviously that’d require so much time. I focused on answering difficult questions about certain topics that I wasn’t clear about. One thing, if you’re still unclear about a specific topic and can’t answer questions regarding the topic, then focus on it! Don’t waste your time doing easy, common questions cuz that’s where you actually lose. I remember not understanding a single thing about free radical substitution when everyone else understands it in Chemistry class. I got so so nervous when everyone else easily understood. After class, I immediately read that thing over and over again, scribbled so many notes & drawings on A4s and after a few trys and helps from friends, finally that radical substitution thingy became so clear! I understood that topic in a way that I quickly memorised. You know, everyone has their own unique ways of understanding things 🙂 Same goes to me.

Tbh, teaching isn’t easy. It requires a lot of effort and patience, especially when your students are slow learners. There are a lot of challenges but in the end, what really matters is seeing your students enjoying the learning process 🙂


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