being a tutor (i)

Two experiences that I would remember forever?

Travelling and teaching.

So today, I’ll write about the latter hehe.

I personally think that teaching is also another way for me to express myself and to pass down my knowledge that I’ve learnt all these years. I’ve never meant to make a career shift though, but teaching will definitely be the second thing that I’ll look forward to do in my old years, be it paid ones or volunteer. Well, Ibu was once a teacher in primary school and my eldest sister is now teaching in Selangor, so yeah, let’s just say that it runs in the blood.

Throughout my holidays, I was and currently am not comfortable staying at home 24/7. Well, I admit there’s A LOT of things to be done – housekeeping, watching movies, reading – but somehow that so-boring-I’m-pretty-sick-of-my-life feeling started to take over. Of course I’d love to travel, but where to get money?? Definitely not going to be funded by parents. I hate travelling using their money when they’re not going.

So, to fight off those suckish feelings, I decided to print out some posters. I made an advertisement about tutoring and pasted them on some walls around my neighbourhood areas. Heh, I thought of just trying my luck in tutoring some kids and to just gain some money. Thankfully, those ads worked.

Remember my Singapore trip that I had last December? I was sleeping on the way to Singapore when my first call came. Urghhh, that was the wrongest timing ever. I was quite blurry when a lady tried to ask about the fees, timing, etc. I was sooo unprepared actually to discuss about the payments, timing, subjects. Things were quite sudden but who would want to reject clients? Definitely not Safiani.

In March, my first tutoring session started. Pheww, it was pretty awkward at first to handle a male student who is a Malay. I shall name him K for the sake of privacy, heh. He studies at a boarding school and plays rugby. I thought, Wow this kid seems excellent. I better teach him well or not his mom would be angry. You know, parents nowadays are so adamant in getting the best studies for their children. They are willing to put in everything they have so that their children will succeed. I tell you, kids nowadays are very smart, hence why the competition is so fierce to get into boarding schools. Can’t really imagine how my children would be in future. My child, just be a kind person and mommy is already happy 🙂

There were so many things that were lurking in mind at that time. How many topics should I cover in 2 hours? How should I explain to him about English? Should I ask him to make notes or just give him worksheets? What if he couldn’t understand? Ahh, screw those thoughts. Let’s just do this thing. I’ll be ok.

Turns out that K is learning Science in Bahasa. What even?!




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