being thrifty

I think it’s very obvious that teenagers nowadays are really into makeups. From Instagram to Twitter, there’s always going to be posts/tweets about makeups stuff (DIY, makeup tutorials, makeup hauls, blablabla). Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not against those who wear makeups. I won’t deny that it’s fun playing with all those colours on my skin. Sometimes, I myself get terpengaruh by online sites like Hermo & Althea. Hahaha. I even purchased my skincare products online and so far, they’re doing good. Who in the world doesn’t add things into their online carts just for fun? In the end, I realized that nahhh, no money for this. #justforfun *closes tab*

Here’s a story on my enthusiasm on buying cosmetics…which turns out to be..nahh.

Lately, I’ve been eyeing on a bb cushion from Laneige which is always OOS (out of stock) online. I became so interested in it after reading several positive reviews from the users. Btw, I don’t use any foundations/makeups when I go out, so if you see me out there I’m fully bare-faced ok. Thinking that it’s time to start all these makeup things, why not start with something simple? Plus, Laneige store is available in KLCC so I thought why not drop by the store for a while after delivering my sister’s brownies to her friend. God, KL was so scorching hot on that day and I could feel my skin burning slightly under the sun. There were a few constructions going on around KLCC and I could never imagine myself living in KL. Bye bye, Kuala Lumpur. I’ll just live in Seremban :)))

After praying, I roamed around Isetan and dropped by the Laneige store. I went straight to the section displaying that cushion thingy. There are 5 shades that we can choose from. Rather than being miss know-it-all, I asked for the salesgirl’s suggestion regarding my shades. Well, that’s her job, isn’t it? Imagine buying the wrong shades and looking like a ghost? WORST. MISTAKE. EVER. So yeah to all girls out there, don’t be shy to ask the salesgirls. They won’t bite you meh.


She suggested me to try the shade #21 Pink Beige or the Natural Beige. She even patted some of it onto the back of my palm. Why the back of my palm instead of my face? I’m still wondering until now, guys. I was not quite convinced to buy because my budget was around RM120 maximum. Being a typical Malaysian, I asked her whether there was a promotion available. Come on, Raya was soo near at that time! Later she told me that the price is RM 159. Gulp. I tried maintaining my coolness but deep down in my heart,


Damn expensive la weh! Yes, I know it’s a good product but is it a good investment? Fyi, I’m not someone who spends big on toiletries, what more cosmetics. I always opt for the RM8.90 shower gel that has many scents like goat milk, lavender, etc. Cheapskate, yeap. So, spending RM159 on a cushion is just um.. ticket flights are far more worthy. RM 159 = return tickets to Jakarta?

Politely, I walked away from Isetan and headed to Parkson in hopes of getting discounts. WHO. DOESN’T. LOVE. DISCOUNTS. At the Laneige booth in Parkson, I again asked for the salesgirl’s suggestion regarding the correct shade for my skin. She tested the #21 Natural Beige shade on my face and boom, my face looked so pale! HAHAHAHA she even laughed at her own mistake.


Later I tried the shade #23 Sand Beige and it turned out to be fine on my skin. But, hmmm there was a lot of pressure I tell you to buy this thing. First, two salesgirls gave me two contradicting opinions regarding my shades. So. Not. Convincing. Second, I’m not sure whether I will be using it frequently because I’m a malas person. Third, it is scented and I don’t like scented things, except for scented cards. Hihi.

So yeah, I walked away hoping that I’d make the correct (worthy) decision. It’s so expensive for a penganggur like me and I can already imagine other things that I can buy with RM159 – books, food. Loads of them. Around 4:00 pm, I went to Guardian to survey other brands that are selling bb cushions. Still. Not. Giving. Up. Maybelline sells one, but unfortunately my preferable shade was out of stock. Hah. What a sign from God to not waste my money on that thingy. Maybe my time has yet to come. Better luck next time, dear self.

I ended up buying a Vitagen combo pack, Scotts’ pastilles and q-tips in Seremban. Zzzz.






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