think positive

Since my family had been victims to pickpockets recently, we tend to be very careful not to repeat the same mistakes again. This time in Acheh, I learnt something else.

Don’t overthink so much that it leads you to treat everyone as bad guys.

I know, it’s hard to not overthink. Perhaps, we’ve all read some cases where tourists were killed, raped or even went missing during travel. Things like that do occur, I won’t deny it, but let’s try to be neutral. InsyaaAllah, if we travel with good intentions, Allah will bring good people to us. That’s what I really believe in my whole life.

Here’s a story.

17 June 2016, Banda Acheh.

My sister and I were done with solat tarawikh and at that time, it was around 10 pm. We were walking to the parking lots where my sister parked the bike. At that time, I was so excited to begin foodhunting since it was Ramadhan, duhh. Night time = food time! Since we are used to having moreh in Malaysia, we thought, let’s do the same thing here! Fyi, Aceh’s nighlife during Ramadan is so meriah. Plus, most restaurants/stalls are open till late night during Ramadhan. I even spotted Wong Solo there, but nahh, I decided to skip. Wong Solo can wait in Malaysia. HAHA.

After starting the engine all, a guy wearing a blue vest came to us. As usual, I became suspicious, or in other words bersangka buruk. Hah, things you learnt from having all-girls siblings. He started to ask 2,000 rupiah from us and I wasn’t expecting that. My sister didn’t know what to do so I signalled her not to say anything. I gave her a Just- ignore- that- guy- kak kinda look. That guy wouldn’t leave, hoping that we’d give the money. As if. As I was waiting to hop in the back seat, that guy reminded me,

“buk, beg itu haruslah dipegang erat. Harus berwaspada..”

I silently nodded. I think he gave up trying to ask the money from us, hence the reminder.

We then sped off, leaving the mosque area. On our way to the coffee shop, I suddenly remembered something that Pak Fickry, the guesthouse owner said earlier.

“Nanti di masjid Baiturrahman jangan lupa dibayar 2,000 rupiah ya untuk parking.”


T______________________T !!!!!!!!!!!!


For the whole night, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I felt guilty towards the blue-vest guy. Why the hell didn’t I give him that money? 2000 rupiah = RM 0.60 ?!! Haih. He was just doing his job.

Maafin daku mas.

From that moment onwards, I learn to always bersangka baik and not to be scared of everyone. Especially when I go to Aceh, because they are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. May Allah bless you Aceh ❤



Love, Saf.



2 thoughts on “think positive

  1. lovely post.. makes me even more excited about my upcoming trip to Indonesia in August.. I’m keen to explore, especially, the non touristy and more local places.. any recommendations? 🙂

  2. thank you so much for reading 🙂 Which part of Indonesia are you going to explore? Java or Sumatra?
    You might want to try Couchsurfing, because through CS I learnt many things from the locals 🙂

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