flight diaries (ii)

Read part I here



Is it me the only girl here that always feels awkward to have guys seating next to? I’ve always imagined myself approaching strangers nicely, trying to initiate some conversations with them. But nahh. In your dreams, Saf. I blame the wrong timing actually. Haha.

Back to the story, I redha already with my situation. I already expected full house since there were a lot of people at the waiting area. Obviously. As usual, I tried maintaining my coolness πŸ˜‰ But as soon as he took his seat, he started talking to me! Hahaha I think I must be that attractive heh.. ok maybe not. Maybe he’s just too friendly.

He made weird jokes at first with his friends and.. I faked a laugh. It wasn’t funny though. Courtesy, peeps. Laugh when someone makes a joke although it’s not funny. He then asked me typical questions; where are you from, why Acheh, who am I going with, where I’m studying at the moment (I hate this question), my parents, blablabla. I tried asking him the same kind of questions, only to receive this,

“Awak ni macam Harian Metro lah…”


That’s. It. No more talking to older peeps, I thought. Me and older peeps (guys) have no chemistry in any type of conversations. Urghhh, later then I decided to just be a listener. Well, everyone around me says that I am a good listener πŸ˜‰ Hashtag INFP.

He talked a lot and I was just ooo-ing most of the time. HOW. SHOULD. I. RESPOND. GUYS. It was takeoff at that time and I recalled it being my first time not enjoying my goodbyes to Acheh. You know, I’d really loved to have some me-time during takeoff.

But it’s ok, though. He is actually a very nice man & seems patriotic. I admired him a lot for his generosity. His visit to Acheh is for the fourth time and the reason? Charity, masyaaAllah. He had iftar with the orphans and that is one good quality of his. Plus, he’s already 60 and that’s so inspiring to me. He worked previously as a lecturer teaching English and he is sooo amazing. He told me that he sometimes goes to few countries like Bangladesh to teach English to the community. Wowww that is so cool! I was so amazed at that time but I kept calm.Β I was so scared of speaking at that time because I may spit out rubbish and that would leave a bad impression on him. Totally a no-no for me.


After listening to him, I slept. Yayy!! Around 20 minutes before landing, I woke up and later continued reading my book. He asked me what the book was about and suddenly he took out something out of his bag. Which turns out to be the best gift I’ve ever received from a stranger :’)


super loving my new bookmarks!


He gave me these pamphlets. Alhamdulillah. I was so so honoured to be receiving them. It made me really happy on the inside. He told me that he always brings those pamphlets with him wherever he goes. With one reason, da’wah. He’d give them to anyone especially non-Muslims for them to read about Islam. You know, sometimes I always get hesitant about approaching someone to talk about religion, because I fear not being able to answer questions from them. But there’s also another way guys πŸ™‚ These kind of pamphlets are very useful and easy to understand cuz it’s in English. Imagine having several people read them and who knows he or she might be interested in Islam? So yeah, thumbs up to that pakcik for opening my mind to also be a part of the da’wah. May Allah bless him. Btw, he travels a lot. #partnergoals

More pictures of the pamphlets :))) As simple as the topics seemed to be, they serve a great reminder actually.



After landing, we left the airplane and I was walking real fast in order to catch up with my sister who was already waiting. I met the pakcik with his friends who stopped by the toilet and we both said our goodbyes. What a flight, though. Short but so meaningful. Truly motivates me to live a better life and to give more.

Being a dumb, I forgot to ask his name. Haih. #loser #facepalm






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