flight diaries (i)


So true. Always the old same clothes.

Speaking about travelling, there’s always excitement and nervousness whenever I book my flights. I often get scared to make mistakes so I tend to have many doubts. Did I key in my passport number correctly? Is my name spelt the right way? What if I picked the wrong date instead? Is the fare cheapest? Worse, I once took an hour to book my flight, all thanks to the process of scrutinising every detail in the form. Plus, it would be awful to misspelt someone’s name, moreover their passport origin country. Imagine seeing Malawi on your confirmed booking instead of Malaysia. HAHA.

However, the part that I always look forward to is checking the aeroplane’s seating plan. In case you’re wondering, I’m a window-seat person. Well, I guess everyone loves window seats, don’t we? Aisle seat is a huge mess tbh, although there’s a debate saying that aisle seat is so much better than window seat. Nahhh, not my cup of coffee. You got to be prepared to people slamming your shoulder with their bags  when they are walking down the aisle. Plus, you need to give ways to those inside wanting to go to the lavatory. First to leave and the last to take a seat. Too much hassle.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to one thing.

people surrounding you inside the plane.

Not blaming my luck, I have experienced being kicked by a child sitting behind me (urgh) and getting squeezed by a man sitting beside me. Not my fault for being small, but he used my armrest. So yeah, to all middle-seat people, please take note. -.-

Here’s a story for you.


On my recent flight from Acheh to KL, my sister and I were separated in the plane since we weren’t willing to pay extra to sit next to each other. My seat was among the front rows (jackpot!) and hers was at the back of the plane. Hehe. As usual, I queued up early and quickly placed my bag inside the compartment. 9D, 9E, 9F, still empty, I thought to myself. Good. 

I then happily squeeze in the window seat, thinking that I’d have the row all to myself. Huge moment that I really anticipated all this while.

Then, came 2 guys. There was like 2 seconds of eye contact between me and one of them and I just knew it. I wouldn’t be alone.

Fyi, they’re not those good-looking young travellers that we girls have always imagined. Based on their looks, their ages are around mid 50s, I think. Lol at my imagination vs reality.


What happened next was just :””)


-to be continued.





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