ramadhan thoughts

All this while, I often said to myself,

Life is damn unfair.

Those four words sometimes are true, though. We all know that one person who had billions of ringgit out of nowhere but still couldn’t handle poverty in Malaysia. Money talk is cheap, I know. Anyone can complain, but fact still remains as a fact in the end. If you have power, life is always going to be good. If you are raised in a good family, then you’ll do fine. If not, then deal with it. What a cruel life right?

Here’s a story.

It was yesterday that I decided to accompany Ibu to 7-Eleven in hopes of finding sugar. It was around 1:15 am since Ibu needs to prep some things for her kuih-muih. While waiting in the car, my eyes caught the sight of a pakcik selling burger & roti john just across 7-E. I thought that pakcik looks familiar and it turns out that he is also selling at the bazaar in the evening – which means that he has been working for almost 12 hours!


His kids were still waiting patiently inside the van and from their looks, I could easily sense that they were tired. What more the pakcik. I myself had once worked for 8 hours and man, it was crazy tired. His face clearly showed his feeling at that time, tired-but-still-needs-to-earn-money-to-feed-the-children kind of feeling. I suddenly became emotional at that time, you know there are so maaaaany people out there who went through the exact thing but they had no choice. All they have in mind is work as hard as you can and you’ll survive.

So guys, the next time you go to the bazaar, don’t just imagine the excitement of having different kinds of food during berbuka.  I’m not telling you to be sad but try looking at the faces of the sellers. Notice how they put in efforts to earn. Think deeply about the sacrifices they made – time, money, family, etc. Are we willing to do the same thing like them? Perhaps not.

If you are reading this, then I believe that your life right now is pretty content. You know, there is so many out there who’s dying to be in y(our) shoes. All I want to say is we all need to be thankful. Appreciate every single thing in our life and always aim to be as successful as we can so that we can help those needy.

Here’s to a better future for all of us. InsyaaAllah.







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