going to bed


me and my sister had once talked about our sleeping routines.

aida: berapa lama  kau ambil masa nak tidur?

me: hmm, around 20 minit macam tu.

I asked her back. She only took around 5 minutes. 

So. Lucky.


The struggle is real, guys.

Fyi, I’ve always been that someone who daydreams – day & night. Every time I lie on my bed, there’ll be so many thoughts flooding my mind as if they wouldn’t let me sleep. I really really love imagining things – that hero from the novel I recently read, my cats, my perfect dream life, what if I become a detective, the possibility of marrying royals (hahaha), etc. There’s so much; it’ll be embarrassing to mention every single of them. Even great, the person I once had been thinking that day appeared in my dream. So yeah, it’s so true when people say that you are most likely to have dreams about the last person in your thought that day. Hehe, you should think of me ok before you go to sleep! Jk.

I think the main problem as to why I took a very long time to fall into deep sleep is because of – handphones, laptops, tvs. Yes, those bright lights coming from the screens. Very bad habit of mine to use my laptop/handphone before bedtime. And I’ve read so many articles saying that that white light can affect our sleep, eyesight, etc. Worse, my eyesight is becoming bad nowadays; I really really miss my eyesight when I was studying in Jasin. Very crisp and I was so proud to not wear glasses. Hopefully I won’t be wearing one in future.

So, I’ve made a few resolutions. So, since you are reading this, you’ll be my witness ok? Wait, you should join. Be in the awesome team! 

1/ No more facing those gadgets before bedtime. It’ll be 45 mins before bed.

2/ I’m determined to read more books this year. So, instead of using Twitter, I’ll read before bed. At least, 20 pages per day.

3/ I’ll sleep early. My definition of early is before 1.30 am btw. 


In case you see me tweeting at 2 am, please screenshot this and pass it to me. If you do, you’re the best in the world! Right now, I’ll try my best to be a healthy person. Hmm, healthy doesn’t seem to be the right word. Ah, whatever.

p/s: it’s 31st May already….which means…….31% off in Baskin Robbins. HAHAHA. Tetiba.


See you guys in June!




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