People sometimes ask me,

“How was your life in boarding school?”

Hmmmmmmmm, I’d say it was pleasant.

Hahaha. Just kidding. It was a stress but I enjoyed it. All thanks to people who surrounded me. Classmates, blockmates, roommates 🙂 My classmates or perhaps people who knew me in TGB (hi there!) would describe me as a brilliant student. But wait, idts. Let’s just say that I’m just an in-between, I’m not so holy okayyy. Skipped class, check. Skipped Maghrib, check. Balik rumah secara haram, check. Brought handphone, check. Went back to maktab soooo late. Check. Ok fine, maybe the list is short but #kasicanlah. The memories are soooo precious and nothing can ever replace them. Especially when I had the best classmates – 515 girls better read this!

Back in 2013….

My view everyday. Err, on Sunday actually. Inspection mehh 😀


Typical classroom table everyone had featuring class picture, inspiring quotes, etc. haha
That moment when your crush came to your block, and your room to inspect 🙂 #GB19 #nolongercrush

Btw, if you can still remember the drama Blok G made during Bulan Kemerdekaan, you’re awesome. #blokg


Back in 2014.

Things that I really really miss:

  • orientation week
  • the rivalry between Topaz A and Topaz B hehe
  • teasing each other whenever our crushes walked by
  • the struggle to walk to ko-op during breaktime, all thanks to the location of the class
  • English class with Miss Iri in library and ec :”)
  • the gaduh moment with juniors in Blok G
  • night bbq in class
  • shooting English drama hahahahhahahaaha
  • kembara terbilang
  • Cikgu Jadid’s bm class 😀
  • UNGA
  • choral speaking lol
  • masak nugget tengah2 blok
  • the jadual we made when it comes to preparing food for berbuka puasa
  • huge crying moment during salam jamaie
  • that loud moment when leyo got a present from yosh
  • sakinah-afrina’s complicated relationship friendship
  • jiha’s fanatism towards taylor swift
  • coolblog kafe
  • watching sunset after subuh
  • struggle in pai class
  • my roommates for 2 years – sakinah, leyo, asha ❤
  • beloved classmates – baanis, hanum, syima, yai, afrina, jiha, renee, nisa, fatihah (hmm)

And now most of us are separated. Some are still in Malaysia, some have gone abroad. Whatever it is, we did promise to reunite in 5 years time which will be in 2018…. Let’s see huh who’s gonna show up 😉



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