People on Twitter nowadays be like,


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If you are following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve spent gazillion hours watching Korean dramas. It all started 15 years ago with Meteor Garden, a Taiwanese drama series on Ntv7 every weekdays. Arghh, beautiful story indeed. Few years later, Korean dramas appeared (Winter Sonata, Hotelier, All In, My Love Patzi, etc). My sister would buy DVDs and we would watch it on our desktop – before the Internet & download websites exist. Years later, there was Mysoju where we could easily catch up new dramas, be it Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese. So yeah, Mysoju peeps, you’re the best.

Some people would be wondering..

What’s so good about Korean dramas?

To be fair, some Kdramas are bad and some are very good. Whatever it is, I love how every drama differs when it comes to storytelling, plot, and cinematography.  We viewers always get spoilt by the multiple genres – not knowing whether to watch a medical series, rom-coms, or even melodrama. What more amazing, historical genre. I learned soooo many things about Korea’s history and I think, Malaysian directors should consider making more films/dramas about our past. It’s quite important esp for the future generations, since I’m sure they will face difficulties understanding history through books. Even most of us are stuck with gadgets right now, what more in the future… It’ll be awesome to see our history being made into dramas/films.

best korean drama ever?

Don’t ask. For someone who loves watching thriller/crime/historical/melodrama, I have my own favs. I don’t really watch dramas based on others recommendations because sometimes people can be so biased. You know, some people watch because of the actors or the picture quality. I look for the story; how well the story goes by in each episode and the emotions. Usually, I’ll pick a drama randomly and see how the story goes. If it’s not really good, I’ll ditch it halfway. I remember watching a drama that is so good that I finished all 16 episodes in 4 days 😉

Not going to force everyone into Dramaland, but you know, once you’re in, you’ll find it hard to leave.




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