when the tough gets going (ii)

DAY 2. Here we gooooooo!

Read my Day 1 over here in case you haven’t.

1/ My sister and I pengsan the moment we got on the bed. Gosh, our shoulders were aching badly and we didn’t even have proper lunch and dinner. Too exhausted that the bed was more attractive than nasi goreng kampung.

2/ The seminar was scheduled to start at 9 am but yeah, who cares? We continued resting and decided to go a bit late. Suddenly at 11 am, the electricity was out. Shit, what kind of hotel is this? Want to halau us like that. Then, a worker informed us that the check-out time was at 11 am. Very good policy :’)

3/ Around 1130, we left the hotel and went to Singapore. Yeap, going through the same process – immigration, checking bags and finally boarded the bus. And guess who lost the ticket bus 😉 I remember rummaging my bag for the ticket and getting stressed up. Then, my sister decided to pay for the new tickets. Thank you, my sister..

4/ Later, we took the MRT from Kranji to Bayfront – with the heavy bags, sigh. I couldn’t recall any moment in SG without them, thank you bags for making me sweat, even in MRT stations. Ok, moving on. MBS is a huge building and the architecture is amazing. We then entered the seminar room and there were not many people around as I expected. At that time, I was still tired from yesterday’s craze and could not focus entirely on the speech. The speakers were good, but truthfully I don’t recognise them. And there was one session that we needed to hold hands with the other participants and share our problems. Huge no-no for me. But, I just had to do it for the sake of the activity. Man, it felt so difficult to comprehend that situation looking at my thoughts at that time. Exhausted, not ready and plus, I wasn’t in the mood to have a conversation with anyone.

5/ After the first session ended, my sister was planning to stay for a night in a backpacker hostel near Chinatown. Both of us were still tired and hell no, we wouldn’t want to stay in JB. And to those who gave the idea of staying in JB, thank you for bringing up that horrible idea. You owe me an apology.

6/ We were clueless in searching the backpacker hostel that my sister has once stayed years ago, and not to mention the misunderstanding and tension between us. In the end, we decided to go home. Better to go back rather than wasting our energy at the seminar plus walking under the sun. Instead of having fun, the trip was tiring and tense. We had enough, and  we thought, let’s go back home. Fuhhhh, the thought of coming home made me felt better 🙂

7/ We walked to Nicoll Highway and found Golden Mile Complex to buy the bus tickets. $25  (RM75) for a ticket to Melaka from Singapore. WALAOOOOO. Expensive pun expensive lah! When I boarded the bus, I finally understood the reason behind the price. The interior is quite good, and the seat so big! Wait, I don’t need luxurious seat to go home…decent ones are good enough already. Nevermind, alhamdulillah. Reached Melaka at 1 am and got fetched around 3 am since my other sister forgot to fetch us.

lights off.



I’ll definitely come back to Singapore in future. It is a clean country, has easy access to various locations and gives a different insight of Southeast Asia. But, I am so sad with how weak Malaysian Ringgit is right now. Ringgit why you like this …………………………………. T_T



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