when the tough gets going (i)

warning: this post has no images at all. if you still want to read, go ahead. and if you want to judge me based on my writing, go ahead. hahaha just kidding. thoughts are mine and only reflect tiny bitsy of me. thank you.


It was a couple of weeks back when I saw the ads for the seminar Women of Wealth and Abundance (WOWA) on Facebook. The event seemed very interesting and to see a lot of reputable speakers, I agreed to accompany my sister to the seminar. It was scheduled to be on Saturday and Sunday but we planned on arriving early; you know can jalan2 a bit in SG. And yes, it was held at Marina Bay Sands Expo, just across the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. I thought the journey would be simple, not much effort needed. HELL NO. Let me elaborate.

1/ Took a bus to Singapore and it was my second time passing Woodlands checkpoint. Not so crowded on Friday morning, but traffic was never smooth. Queues after queues. Later, carried my brown bag all the way to Bugis to taste Fluff Bakery’s cupcakes. Bought two cupcakes for $8 (RM24) and thank god, they were worth every penny! Stopped by the restaurant across the bakery and later went to Masjid Sultan for prayers. Damn, the facilities are great and kudos to the mosque management for making a mosque very welcoming to tourists. I’m so blessed to spend my Friday there.

2/ Had dinner with my friend whom I met for the first time actually in Harbourfront. Here’s one fact, Singaporeans LOVE to eat outside. I know it was Friday, but I didn’t expect such crowds like in KLCC during weekends. Can you imagine? But the food was good and I like the customer service.

3/ After the dinner, the plan was to catch a bus to Johor Bahru at Kranji MRT Station but it took us longer since we went to the wrong MRT station. Arrived at Kranji around 8:30 pm and woah, my sister and I were shocked to see the queue. Can’t it be any longer?! OMG such a wrong timing we thought. Nothing could be done since we have booked a hotel in Johor Bahru, and so, queueing it is. Worse, we lined up for the bus that appears every 45 minutes. Good job, Saf. At that time, I felt like going straight home already.

4/ While queueing, I observed some locals/Malaysians who were  still in their working attires. You guys truly have my respect to be able to cope with the same routines – wake up at 5 am and go home at 11 pm. It is so evident nowadays that many people are struggling with the current economy crisis and for some Malaysians, working in Singapore is the thing. Higher pay to buy a house and to feed their family. I have heard that even some Singaporeans stay in Malaysia and work in their homeland. The struggle is real man, even to those who earned triple than us.

5/ Around 9:30 pm, finally. THE PAIN OF WAITING ENDED. And I got a seat, thankfully. The ticket costed me $1 (RM3) and fuhhh, I almost slept in the bus. Long day man, long day.

6/ Later, the bus stopped at Woodlands checkpoint and all passengers were released to stamp their passports. YA ALLAH, THE TRAFFIC WAS CRAZY AT THAT TIME. The bus had to release us before the actual stopping point and we had no choice but to walk fast among the buses on the road. What an experience. Wait, that was not bad actually.

7/ At the checkpoint, it was nice. No bersesak-sesak with others, luckily. The whole immigration process took me around 15 minutes and finally my sister and I found the earlier bus we took at Kranji to go to Johor immigration.

8/ As soon as we arrived at the immigration hall in Johor, OMG OMG OMG. Definitely the wrongest time ever; if only there is a picture that I can show you. People were crowding the entire hall, and the queue for foreigners stamping their passports were insane. Even Malaysians had to queue for autogates, luckily the queue was not as long as the foreigners’. Nevertheless, it took me around 30 minutes to clear Malaysia’s immigration.

9/ Immigration done, now what. Ok, how actually can we go to the hotel? It’s 1030 pm and the only option was to hire a taxi.  Near the entrance of JB Sentral, a pakcik offered me and my sister a ride for RM40. Walao, only 9 kilometres away and he dared to take advantage of us. Thankfully, we rejected him and went to queue for the taxi in which we got a RM20 ride. At that time, walao expensive jugak but I don’t care and I want to go sleep already. Such a torture especially carrying that bag behind.

lights off.




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