friday thoughts


7-Skogafoss Waterfall

It’s Friday morning. I’m happy to wake up early and managed to execute my morning routines. I realized that life just gets better when we are able to rise up early. Plus, thinking about the article that I have submitted yesterday, I felt so relieved. Fingers crossed for the final decision from the judges; nothing else comes in between.

Last week, life was pretty good to me. Finally, I was able to make something out of my holidays – a planner. Yeap, a handmade planner inspired by Pinterest. FYI, Pinterest has A LOT of things actually; you just name it – quotes, DIYs, bedroom decos. The process of making the planner took quite some time but it was very enjoyable. I don’t know about you, but spending my time with arts act like a sort of therapy inside me. So relaxing and you worry about nothing. I absolutely love drawing but not coloring. I suck at putting colours onto my drawing. Black and white are my colour in arts, and that fact should not change in future.

Although drawing is one of the things that I enjoy doing, I can never imagine myself being an architect or artist. You know people who love their hobby, but it turns out that they are not making a living out of it. Or perhaps, they shouldn’t. That’s me, but I am fine with it. Work is another thing; and I’m looking forward to working in a profession that suits my personality and passion, of course. Looking at Malaysia’s current condition, my faith in the government is fading. With scholarships converted into loans, and the policies kept changing, I can’t imagine how the future graduates are going to survive the harsh competition in securing jobs. The competition is already tough now, what more in the future. Whatever the outcomes be, I’ll always pray for the positive ones. This thing shall pass, one by one.

Ending my post with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt,

“No one shall make you feel inferior without your consent.”



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