First thing first, Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating!! As usual, my neighbourhood was flooded by tonnes of beautiful fireworks and I’m glad to be able to watch it with my loved ones.

Moving on to life. Ok, I admit that January was hell of a month. Started beautifully with my Bangkok trip then suddenly crashed in the middle until the end of the month. Didn’t crash severely but the struggle was alike to getting on Genting’s Spaceshot ride for bloody multiple times. You know that feeling when you are so intimidated during the rides but there is still 30 seconds to go. Oklah, past is past. Nothing could be done and I’m doing fine now. Thank you my fellow government for taking care of me these past 18 months. Feeding me RM430 every month so that I’ll study hard and achieve good grades. Thank you.

One day after the announcement, my life was back to normal. I don’t think I should be angry as f*ck because nothing would change. Yeap, nothing would change. Even if my friends comforts me, life goes on. Everyone has their own matters to handle. No need to expect people around you to come up with comforting words all the time. It’s you who faced the problem. So, you should comfort yourself.

I then ask myself, “what now?” HAHAHA so now I’m free like a trapped bird whom got released from its cage. Freedom! It’s either going to uni this year or next year. Whatever it is, I’ll take my life easy. Working seems the thing now. Perhaps all these while, I have been on the wrongest path ever. Only after A-levels that God decided to show me. Imagine knowing the news during A2 exam. That would be very nasty.

Hoping for the best from God. InsyaaAllah.


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