Indonesia daku datang part II

In case if you haven’t read part I, read it here.

part II

What I love about travelling is meeting new friends! Hahaha it feels great to be able to explore out of your circle for awhile, and exposing yourself to new people hence new friendships πŸ™‚

Left to right: Cendani, me, my sister, Nabila

I’m so grateful to meet these awesome locals through Couchsurfing. They are very kind and welcoming. Indeed, they are very proud of their nation. Both are young, around 17-18 and their energetic personality really entertains me πŸ™‚ They were the ones who accompanied me and my sister around Jakarta and told us many useful tips πŸ™‚

The photo above was taken when we were in Galeri Indonesia Kaya, located inside Grand Indonesia itself. The gallery is damn beautiful and of course, free-of-charge. Learnt the history of Indonesia, including its culinary, traditional cultures and language. Bahasa Indonesia is truly a beautiful language πŸ˜€


Later on, we played games at the arcade and went jalan2 around Grand Indonesia. We even tasted liquid nitrogen ice-cream from a famous Indonesian brand, Ron’s Laboratory. We had bubblegum and almond flavour and both are awesome! Grand Indonesia is one hell of a mall and definitely wins over Pavillion KL. The food court is also damn gorgeous. The lighting is perfect and it boasts a great ambience. Inside the mall, you can observe how the locals dress up; even the boys wear the batik shirt. Looking so smart.



ni toilet tau XD



Bogor trip was not intended but I’m glad it happened. Short but indeed meaningful. Cendani and I boarded the commuter from Jakarta Kota and the return ticket costs 20,000 IDR. The distance is quite similar to KL-Seremban via KTM but with more stops in Jakarta. They even have coach for women and that scores another point for them. Upon arriving in Bogor station, I ain’t surprised to see crowds everywhere, looking at the fact that it was Saturday. Bogor is known as Kota Seribu Angkot because there are A LOT of angkot there :0 and its weather is cooler than Jakarta.

Cendani brought me to Kebun Raya Bogor, a botanical garden, only a walking distance from Stasiun Bogor. From the garden, we can see the Bogor Palace where the President Jokowi lives in. Quite an interesting place where locals hang out and have a picnic during the weekend. I’m amazed that the locals aren’t flooding the malls all the time, but instead they opt for recreation parks to spend their weekend. What a different environment compared to in Malaysia.


To summarise, Jakarta is a city that has a lot more to offer rather than just doing shopping in Tanah Abang. There’s a lot more food I need to taste and more museums to cover up in future. I guess I would need 5 days or even a week to fully explore the megacity. Not to forget, Indonesians are very warm and welcoming. Since the language barrier is almost null, I can feel a sense of strong attachment towards the city and the people itself.

Definitely, I’ll be back soon, Jakarta. InsyaaAllah.

p/s: To Cendani & Nabila, thank you very much for the 3 days. May Allah bless you πŸ™‚



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