Indonesia daku datang part I

Hello readers!

Jakarta trip was unplanned, though and I like it that way. Last minute planning is always the best, isn’t it? Hahaha, as usual, I always have flights on early morning T__T  Only once I’ve boarded night flight and that was 2 years ago. No wonder the airport gets crowded in the morning, early morning flights are damn cheap.

The takeoff was supposedly scheduled at 0700 hrs but it was delayed since a passenger passed out. Since I’m sitting on the aisle, I had no chance to capture the skyview, sadly 😦

Overall, the journey was smooth, no turbulences at all and like others would do, I got some sleep in the plane.


After picking up our bags and clearing immigration, we went out of the terminal to find the bus. The terminal is not as huge as KLIA, but I love how easy it felt to navigate around the small airport. One thing for sure, there are a lot of taxis. Like a budget traveller, definitely I would choose the bus (fact: my favourite public transport is the bus). Boarded the Damri bus for 40,000 IDR to Mangga Dua Square since my hotel is located there.


Macet means traffic jam in Indonesian. Jakarta is three times as huge as KL and it is the second largest city in THE WORLD after Tokyo. I repeat, in the world. They even have Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Utara and etc. Jakarta is a part of JaBoDeTaBek which comprises of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Jakarta itself. Each province /administrative unit is easily accessible by public transports. Here, they have angkot, ojek, minivan, bajaj (pronounced as bajai), busway and taxis. Trust me, you ain’t experiencing the real Jakarta if you are not using their public transports. Traffic is so massive in the city but surprisingly, no accident because everyone knows tolerance 🙂


My first day went well. Went sightseeing in Kota Tua where some historical Dutch buildings and museums are located. It is a place where high school students lepak-ing after school and locals having fun watching street performances. Managed to snap some pictures of elementary school kids having a school trip here. Hehe.

Historical Museum


Spot the cute baby

Then, we headed to Monas together with Nabila since she just finished working. It felt good to watch the locals strolling around despite the weather. Everyone was chilling around happily.

Monumen Nasional or Monas
Mandatory photo HAHA

Later then, took a free bus that tours around Central Jakarta and witnessed the amazing night view of the city. Amazingly, Jakarta has similar city vibes as Seoul. Next, we went to Jalan Pecenongan to have our dinner. Will write about the glorious Jakarta food in a different post.


Martabak ftw!!


After eating, went back to hotel feeling full and satisfied…..Alhamdulillah.

-to be continued-


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