spending my holidays


Sunrise view from Bukit Tangki



Since November is almost ending, I’m pretty thankful with how I live my life now. No more feeling guilty/worried in bed and my sleep cycle is now back to normal. It feels damn good to be able to wake up early, knowing you have no classes and datelines to attend to :))))

Like a wise person should do, I have made myself a to-do list for the holidays. Revenge time.

  1. Travel sampaiΒ pokai.
  2. Update this blog. Ok done.
  3. Liquid nitrogen ice cream.
  4. Char key tiow Penchala Link.
  5. Part-time job.
  6. Buy new shoes.
  7. Buy new bag.
  8. Read books. Storybooks of course.
  9. Learn Japanese and Tagalog.
  10. Buy new skincare.
  11. Start my travel journal πŸ˜€
  12. Tennis.
  13. Couchsurfing.
  14. Balik kampung. (tu pun kena tulis en haha)
  15. Tutoring.
  16. Eat clean.
  17. Learn coding.
  18. Lomography.





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