Amazing August

Greetings readers!

August has been hectic and many great things happened, thankfully. Alhamdulillah, I’ve aced my AS exam and to be frank, I’ve never expected such results especially Biology because the papers were VERY challenging. It also turns out that I scored higher in the subjects that I felt less confident answering during the exam. I have no ideas to explain such thing but today, I’d like to share a magical thing I’ve learnt being a student.

Number one, believe. I mean believe strongly that you are capable of making it real. Most importantly, believe in God. Give Him your utmost trust that He will give you the best. Have your hundred-percent confidence in Him. Plus, He loves His creations so much, although sometimes we set ourselves astray from Him. Worrying won’t do. So, the least we all can do is pray. And yes, with sincerity.

Number two, discipline yourselves. Look, if you’re still lazying around when you’re supposed to be revising right now, you’re not trying hard enough. My teacher always says that our efforts are the easiest measures of how much do we really want to be successful. Make restrictions and make sure you plan your time wisely. Give NO ROOM for procrastination and also distractions (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). The last thing that you wouldn’t want to do in the end is to have regrets. Yeap, I’ve experienced that horrible feeling and it affected me in several ways in my life.

Third, you should be contented with your life. Your life is TOO good actually, compared to others. You have parents, family, money, house, iPhone, laptops, camera and endless stock of food to feed your stomach. It’s your responsibility to actually spend your life to the fullest when people in rural areas don’t have access to those privileges. But yet, I see them being gratified and happy. Don’t you think that we are being too redundant?

Whatever it is, the choice is yours. The points above are only according to my experiences and hopefully, this post can help you =)

Have a good day!


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