Definitely Better

I told myself to stop overthinking, but I couldn’t. I became very paranoid when it comes to making decisions. I was afraid to lose, but I wanted everything. At the same time, I didn’t want to hurt anybody. But I know, I am actually hurting myself more when I’m acting like this.

After talking to a good friend whom I’ve met a year ago, I felt better. Seeking advice from someone really helps and I hope if you’re feeling uneasy about life, go talk to your friends about it. It will help you a lot. Trust me.

In a matter of minutes, I bravely confronted the problem and made my final decision. I reassured myself at that time that I won’t regret this. Not an inch of remorse. So yeah, the problem was solved and I felt very relieved. No more deep thoughts, no more time wasted on just wondering about what ifs………. My mind is at peace.

If you are reading this, I thank you for spending a couple of minutes here. If you find yourself in a maze where you seem lost and couldn’t find your way out, you shouldn’t freak out. There’s always a way out. You must embrace the problem and don’t overthink. Think simple. And sometimes, you need to let go of something in life. That’s normal. Have faith in God that He will replace it with something bigger, even better. Most importantly, forgive yourself and take it easy. Life’s good actually 🙂



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