How To Apply for A Job-Shadowing Session

You know, I’ve always wanted to spend my holidays wisely, especially during the long gap between exams. And then, this idea of going for a job-shadowing session or attachment popped up in my head and I told my mother about it and she replied positively. My Chemistry, Biology and Physics practical exam all had a week of gap between each of them. So yeah, there’s plenty of time for productivity but as expected, procrastination took over. Sometimes, I became very productive and sometimes I’m not. That’s life. Haha.

“What is actually job-shadowing?”

Job-shadowing is a session in which you observe somebody at work according to your career preferences and the key is to get deep insights about your choice of career and to explore the opportunities available for the career. It’s not like an internship and usually you won’t be paid. Depending on your choice of career, sometimes you will get the opportunity to be a part of the active team and help them with work. Usually students who are still in college/universities will take up a job-shadowing session. So, if you are reading this post, you should do it ok 🙂


1. Pick a career which you have infinite passion in it and which you can give your fullest commitment. Keep in mind that working is totally different from studying. To make it simpler, studying is actually very theoretical and working is the time for you to make actions. You should really think very carefully of what do you really want to do in life – your career, most importantly- because you’ll spend almost 30 years working and you wouldn’t want to get bored easily.

2. List down some good companies to work with and that can provide you immense knowledge about that particular career. For example, if you are planning to read law then you should look up on some law firms. If you want to be a doctor, choose several reputable clinics that can assist you. For me, I listed down some dental clinics in my town Seremban and jotted down their telephone numbers. In case if you have any relatives with your preferred career currently working, it is a huge advantage for you.

3. Give them a call. Introduce yourself and be confident of who you are. Make it clear to them of your intention to do a job-shadowing session at their place. Ask them if they need a formal letter from you or your lecturer/dean. Speaking from my experiences, some gave positive responses and some didn’t even pick up their phones. Luckily, I managed to secure myself a place 😀

4. If they require a letter from you, you shouldn’t worry because Google is available for you. Haha just kidding! Writing the letter is very easy and below I’ve listed several things in which you need to take note:

  • Your name, your current university/college
  • The reason why you want to gain experiences from the company/clinic etc.
  • Your preferred date to start and how long are you planning to do the job-shadowing
  • Your contact number

I’ve included a sample letter which I wrote the other day which turned out to be unnecessary as the clinic doesn’t require it.

If your application is successful, congratulations and do enjoy the session! Good luck!



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