In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worldly Encounters.”

Worldly Encounters

I quickly got up from my seat and placed the TV remote on the table. I walked to the door silently as I heard several knocks which sounded disturbing. I imagined a lot of things, mostly negative ones.

“Nah, it would be Dad. I knew he always forgot to bring his keys,”I thought.

The moment I opened the door, I saw nothing. I walked out to check and finally made a conclusion that some petty kids had fooled me. Damn it. Useless bunch of kids.

Suddenly, I spotted a yellow creature lingering around my mom’s favourite pot in the backyard. It was so thin and had a huge eye which resembled Mike Zawowski’s in Monster Inc. I heard few mumblings from the creature which mostly sounded English. I tried to restore my conscience that this backyard is my backyard, not someone else’s.

“Oh my god. Is this my chance to be the another Sam Witwicky? But wait, why in the world do they send me aliens, not robots? Are they out of budget or something?”

Trying to remain unnoticed, I turned around and attempted to leave the place ASAP. There was only one thing stuck in my head at that time: 911. Out of sudden, I heard my name being called out by the creature. Goodness gracious, it even pronounced my name correctly and surprisingly, its voice sounded manly. Ew, keep trying aliens but you’re still ugly.

“Hey Saf, sorry to disturb ya’ watching the television. I’m Fluffy.” 

2 seconds later…

“Oh hi Mr. Fluffy. What a ‘nice’ name you got there. Mind telling me why are you here?”

“I feel like watching movies today. Yeah, I have been here since last month. Getting to know humans are quite difficult. Mind suggesting me some good movies?”

I laughed and told him to to be patient when it comes to understanding human, especially women. Understanding women would make an interesting puzzle to solve but I tried to not underestimate. He is an alien, not a human, so he deserves his chance.

“Sure. Here’s a list: Mean Girls, Interstellar, Twilight, Inception and perhaps you should include Malay movies. Many morale stories indeed,” I smiled at him.

“Oh, Malay movies? I should give them a try. Thanks a lot mate!”

He waved me goodbyes and poofed. I stood there, feeling rather unimpressed.

I went straight into my house and quickly locked the doors. Later, I headed to the living room to continue watching Harry Potter. Suddenly…

“There you are, Saf. Here, meet my friends. They are very excited to meet you!”




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