A list a day keeps the worries away!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”


Writing a to-do list has been my weekly routine since last year. Every Sunday night, I would allocate 20 minutes for that list; more as a handful reminder to me to be more productive and not to procrastinate. I would jot down on a piece of paper on what needs to be accomplished from Monday to Friday. I admit, sometimes some of the tasks weren’t successful but on the bright side, I came to realize that I have A LOT to be done actually. Be it revisions, classes, laundry or even housekeeping. So, yeah, I knew what to do actually. It’s just a matter of doing or not.

In simpler words, force yourself to make a list. I’m pretty sure that you have many tasks that demand your attention right now. Most importantly, prioritize your tasks and set a timer/dateline on each task so that you won’t lose focus easily. Go settle them and once you’re done, reward yourself. Trust me, nothing beats that million-dollar feeling of pure accomplishment.


Go grab a paper…..and a pen too.

(p/s: it’s already Sunday)



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