2015 so far had me a bit jumbled up with some difficulties and thankfully I’m still standing tall right now. I guess life gets tougher when we age, and yup, it’s a normal thing for anyone who is on the verge of entering adulthood.

Today, I’ll write about my definition of happiness. Yes, being happy. Did you feel happy today? No? Then, this thing down here is for you.

this is for you.

I chose this topic because it is a part of my current reading from a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It is a small, blue book that had some cute illustrations on its cover. Maybe you would question my decision of buying such book. Maybe you would have thought that some people are making a big deal about being happy. Being happy can’t be any harder, can they? No, it can’t. Many people actually forgot that being happy is the main essence of life that often gets underrated. To achieve success, people would experience a series of emotions such as sadness, frustration, anger, anxiety and finally happiness. Back then, scientists and psychologists were only focused on negative emotions in their research and studies. What about happiness? Happiness deserves its own space too. Happiness can’t be that simple.

My definition of happiness:

1. Waking up early for Fajr prayer

2. 8-hours of quality sleep.

3. Making my whole family members smile.

4. Looking at my family picture.

5. Being able to commit myself to 8 glasses of water everyday

6. Buying books, specifically non-fic.

7. Travelling.

8. The refreshing smell of my laundry when it dries up in the Sun.

9. Excelling in exams.

10. Good morning texts.

11. Laughing.

12. Enjoying a hot cup of aromatic hazelnut white coffee with some Hap Seng biscuits at 12am.

13. Being able to witness the sunshine rays in the morning and to feel its energetic vibrances it is radiating to Earth.

14. Watching my loved ones succeed.

15. Being able to scream my lungs out whenever I take any rides in theme parks.

16. Watching nature instead of looking at it through a viewfinder.

17. Milk tea.

18. Going to airports. I just love the ambiance of airports.

19. Good music (The Dirty Guvnahs, Shoreline Drive, New Heights, We Shot The Moon).

20. Horror/thriller movies.

21. Reminiscing my childhood days. What an innocent-looking kid I was.

22. Reading and learning the holy Quran.

23. Dan Brown’s novels. Reading his novels, I find myself putting high expectations on other thriller authors and till now, I can’t help but to stick to Dan Brown’s novels.

24. Knowing that you would read this till the end 🙂

and the list goes on and on ………………….

I’ll leave you guys a simple happy chart as a gift.

What’s your definition of happiness? Perhaps it is too subjective, but it’d be great if you can share me yours 🙂

Have a great day!



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