Personality Test – Yay or Nay?

HAHA This one looks cool! Stubborn and slow witted, am I?

Sometimes, I often get curious with my personality and others’ personalities too. Humans may look alike, but again each and everyone of us have different behaviours, preferences and hence personalities.

I love to participate in personality tests and sometimes I could spend hours answering the same old questions again and again. And there was this one website which I was really impressed with the outcome. It is IpersonicΒ which isΒ brilliantly developed by Felicitas Heyne, a well-known psychologist and a best-selling book author. The test is somehow simple and you do not need to go through hassle such as signing up in order to take the test. Simple and only requires 5 minutes.

Suprisingly, there are 16 types of personality listed:

  • Analytical Thinker
  • Determined Realist
  • Dreamy Idealist
  • Engaged Idealist
  • Energetic Doer
  • Harmony-seeking Idealist

and the list continues……

my results (check it out here)

  • Dreamy Idealist

It said that I’m someone theoretical, idealistic, dreamy, emotional, spontaneous, friendly, loyal, imaginative and other traits which I find somehow true. I can relate those traits to mine easily and it is a motivation for me actually to strive better in life.

So yeah, you should give it a try for your own good. It feels really good to identify your weaknesses and also your ultimate strengths, so that you can do better in life.

Here’s to having a great life πŸ˜€



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