Done sketching? Go pick your colours!


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” (Albert Einstein)


Recently, I found an awesome website called Bucketlistly. No need for an intro as the title already explains itself. Yeap, those bucket lists that you may have heard all this while. I am so excited that this website is created to inspire people to make their dreams turn into reality. There is a community which you can join on the website, and perhaps share your life achievements with them or even lend them your supports to accomplish their missions. Sharing is caring, isn’t it?

In case if you are wondering, the big guy behind this website is Pete Rojwongsuriya who is a solo traveller cum visual designer. Click here to find out about him, you’ll be amazed with how creative he is and everything he did was nothing short of amazing.


I deliberately started this post with an inspiration of mine. I believe Pete’s success began with imaginations which he then felt responsible thinking. And now, thanks to his brilliant moves, he is helping people to achieve their ambitions.

What are imaginations to you?  How do you usually treat your imaginations? Mine often comes during pre-bedtime. I must say that I am not someone who can doze off in matters of minutes; even worse when once I went to bed at 12 and ended up sleeping at 2. Active brain activity, I suppose. During that 2 hours interval, my brain wasn’t acting like how it was supposed to be in midnight. Instead, it roared and kept sending me brilliant ideas about life/love/studies/etc. I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed it sometimes. I felt rejuvenated each time I think about those ideas.


What I usually do is write down those ideas in a notebook. I even made a dream collage about 100 things I want to achieve in my life. Do you? Ask yourself. If you’re having doubts about yourself, then don’t. It’s YOU who is living in this world, it’s your DREAM. It’s either WINNING or LOSING.

Just. Do. It. (NIKE)

Always keep in mind that ideas are precious and ideas are merely ideas unless you work them out. Make something out of it. Take a step forward and get out of the hesitation zone. Action is the only thing separating people from the successful arena. You can have as many ideas as you can, but still if there is no action, you’re not going anywhere.

remember, talking doesn’t do much, writing does better, and doing does the best!

life begins now and the clock is ticking.

choice is yours. good luck!



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