Hectic and Happy

Greetings readers! It has been quite a hiatus for this blog. And yeah, the title is short enough to describe my schedule as a student. Deadly. Hectic.

Thanks to A-Levels, of course.

I’m taking 4 subjects and the figure may seem small, but it’s not. There’s a real struggle between understanding and also revising the past year questions at the same time. I’ll be sitting for AS exam in May and hopefully everything turns out excellent, if God wills 🙂

And the struggle doesn’t end there. There are bundles of university applications which will proceed later on, plus the UKCAT and ISAT which are international assessment for those applying for critical courses in certain universities in the UK and Australia. I’m expecting many sleepless nights after this and also a huge workload of past years questions waiting to be completed before the big exam. Not to forget, IELTS. But still, I’m grateful to have many motivating and supportive people around me (including you) 😀

Saf turns 19!

And on January 17th, I celebrated my 19th birthday!! It was the best day ever and I can’t believe that I’m already reaching 20 next year ……. 2015, bring it on!

Do you happen to know any body who had experiences sitting for UKCAT and ISAT? Feel free to share yours at the ‘Comment’ section below as I really appreciate your help 🙂

Thank you for reading,



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