Playlist of The Year

Throughout my life, I’ve always listened to Korean musics especially those beautiful soundtracks from their tv series. English songs? Nah, not my cup of tea, I thought.

And I was wrong. Damn wrong.

The first non-mainstream band which caught my attention was New Heights. Lemme tell ya, they are AMAZING. The moment I listened to Peaches, I knew that I have found my real definition of good English music. Later, I downloaded their songs from Noisetrade.

And if you’re wondering where I found my true playlist, it’s all piled up at Noisetrade. I owe that place so much for introducing such amazing talents which are undeniably on the same par with other popular bands. So yeah, dig in that website and start exploring! You’ll find treasures within the first 5 clicks, trust me.

Here are the bands which I listen to via Noisetrade besides New Heights:

Do listen to Icelander and also Superhero (Save You)!

The first rock band that I can’t stop listening to. Their final album Tonight Changes Everything is dramatic! My favourite track is Hawk Eyes 😀

I love how harmony their music arrangement complements the vocalist’s voice. Perfect combo.

Not so dirty actually, I enjoy listening to their tracks when I’m at home, lazying around. Y’know, those kind of songs which make you feel good all day long~

OK, this band is my ultimate bias. Even my sister loves it. Every single album is pure good, so good that I’m addicted. IMO, the musics they are producing is one of a kind which you’ll never find elsewhere. Try listening to The Silver Lining album!


I’m not forcing any of you to fully listen to my playlist. There’s a lot of genres to begin with, and you are completely free to choose any which you like.

And just to reminisce the beginning of my journey in search of my real definition of music, I present to you New Heights. Cheers.

Festive wishes,



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