Foodhunting in Penang island!

Greetings readers!

After attending my cousin’s engagement in the town of Bidong near Sungai Petani, Kedah, my family decided to drop by Penang. Y’know, feeding our empty stomachs with good food after a long journey (talk about hundreds of kilometres away from Seremban!). So, we got on the Penang bridge which is always bustling with cars even motorcycles. As usual, my father would come up with his own ideas to roam around the island. But my siblings and I weren’t fully convinced with his plan; which was to stay a night at his friend’s house who is also a Penangite. Since nobody had guts to decline the offer, the plan continued. Later on, I discovered that this route led my family to the most brilliant foodhunting adventure in Penang………………………Spectacular.

His name is Ishak and he was my father’s colleague 35 years ago. He earns my respect till now for he is someone so successful yet he remains humble. That leaves me not surprised looking at his achievements in his life – owning four boats, a restaurant – and he is also a taxi driver at the airport. So yeah, perfect man for the perfect mission -> foodhunting!

From right: my dad and En Ishak, captured in front of his house.
From right: my dad and En Ishak, captured in front of his house.

After dusk, he took us out to Georgetown and guided us around Penang’s less travelled route and restaurants of course! Thanks to him, we were able to taste the real nasi kandar around 1st Avenue which is a signature dish that you wouldn’t want to miss. Trust me. Later on, we went to have steamboat at Padang Brown food court. There weren’t lot of tourists there since only locals throng that place. Talk about special 😉 I couldn’t forget how good the food tasted and I admit that I felt quite sinful at that time. Nevertheless, I’m completely amazed by people in Penang who love to eat every single time. They just don’t stop. My sisters and I later came up with a theory that their stomach maybe differs from ours, in terms of capacity and volume. HAHA.

Get ready to be a bit messy! Nasi kandar best served with iced tea :)
Get ready to be a bit messy! Nasi kandar best served with iced tea 🙂
Enjoying steamboat as our supper at Padang Brown Foodcourt.
Enjoying steamboat as our supper at Padang Brown Foodcourt.

At 1 am, we went to bed, feeling accomplished but rather bulky. Imagine hitting the sack with full stomach. Urm, not a healthy way to end the day.


On the next day, the host invited us to have breakfast at his restaurant, which is only 10 footsteps away from his house. He runs his business 24/7 except for lunch. For morning breakfast, he’ll have a couple of vendors which would provide food and they will pay him some commission. At night, he takes over. His signature dish which is a big hit among the customers is the Mee Udang Ketam. You can check out his restaurant here. It’s situated in Bayan Lepas, near to the airport. Highly recommended!

Beautiful restaurant in the morning
Beautiful restaurant in the morning
The typical Malaysian breakfast, nasi lemak.
The typical Malaysian breakfast, nasi lemak.

Foodhunting didn’t stop there. After breakfast, he took us to Balik Pulau for some sightseeing near the beach which isn’t as crowded as Batu Ferringhi, thankfully. Later on we had lunch twice at Restoran Peladang opposite Petronas which caters a variety of local dishes especially the traditional ones. I was spoilt for the endless choices of dishes, it took me awhile to figure out which attracted me the most. And then, the kind pakcik brought us to Eryna Curry Claypot Cafe to experience the real deal of kari kepala ikan. And there you go, marvelous. Totally marvelous. The spices were perfectly assembled and cooked into the best curry I’ve ever tasted in my life. Period.

First lunch destination.
First lunch destination.WP_20141207_003

After 4 hours of feeding our stomachs, I couldn’t ask for more. It’s time to go home, baby. Gosh, my family and I really owe this pakcik for being a kind and attentive host during our short stay in Penang. Thank you so much, Pak Cik 🙂 May God bless you.

Compulsory group photo :D
Compulsory group photo 😀

One thought on “Foodhunting in Penang island!

  1. Goshhhh… I envy you. Take me there okayyy.. hahaha… glad that you guys took some time out of seremban and rest and eat. Miss you..

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