Hey it’s Geminid!

Wow, we’re now 18 days away from the end of chapter 2014. Time flies reaaaaaaaally fast nowadays isn’t it?

But wait, something sparkling is coming up this weekend! It’s the Geminid meteor showers which can be seen from December 7 till December 17; major highlight will be on the 13th and 14th. Those living near Antarctica will have the opportunity to witness the meteor showers in the midnight sky. No worries, I know Antartica is wayyy too far to go in order to witness the shower. You can follow the webcast organized by Slooth Community Observatory which will be hosted by Slooth Astronomers.

The meteors as captured in 2013. Credits to NBC News for the pictures.

Here’s a tinge on Geminid meteor showers in case you’re a newbie to meteor showers like me πŸ˜‰

  • They are considered special because they hit Earth sideways.
  • This meteor shower isn’t any typical shower; you’ll be able to listen to the meteors based on their ionization sounds! BRILLIANT!
  • The name came from the fact that it looked like it originated from the constellation Germini.

Check out this link here for more information about Geminid. Spread the message!

REMEMBER, Saturday, December 13, 8 pm EST

BTW, this is an annual shower, so yeah, don’t forget to mark December 13th on your calendar! And in case you’re on social medias during the webcast, don’t forget to include the hashtag #SloohGeminids !



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