Just Need To Survive

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Under the Snow.

Credits to NatGeo for this stunning image

It doesn’t matter whether it is an avalanche, a sandstorm, a flood or even a tornado that kicks in. One thing for certain, they all occur with reasons. Some discover the reasons fast, some slow. Whatever it is, stay tough. Remember, your condition doesn’t even match Ryan Stone’s in Gravity when she was stuck in the space, alone. At least, you’re solid here on ground. Walter Mitty even survived through thick and thin in Greenland, worse he got surrounded by vicious-looking sharks – and he pulled it through. What other excuses do you have?

A cold night as we all know, isn’t complete without warmth. This time, let your warm, silent breath accompany you. Listen to what your body has been offering you from birth till this moment. Be grateful and later you’ll discover that you owe God so much in life. Enjoy the solitude.

The next morning, you’ll find yourself waking up; and right before your eyes set the most beautiful sparkling rays of sunlight you have ever witnessed in your life. The warmth that you felt was absolute and you knew that you actually survived the avalanche. Bravo, you said to yourself.

Dear readers,

Survival doesn’t always mean putting much efforts to stay safe behind the danger line. Most superheros in fact had to cross the line because help comes from the outside, not the inside. Isn’t it? Batman even took the risk to drop the bomb into the ocean to save Gotham city. That’s one big risk for him and of course, he survived in the end.

To cross the line, courage is one thing you’ll need. But courage comes with something people always forget; that is faith. And that faith should rise from the deepest pit in your heart. Be it in anything; you, God, the weather, or even the snow itself.

Thank you.



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