Special Treats for September Babies

According to my observation, those bornt in September are so lucky to be able to receive surprises. Anyway, this post is dedicated to my classmates in TGB who have just reached 18 this month.

  • 11 September 1996

Leyo was the first person I talked to in our room on our first day in TGB. She has an innocent face, but never ever underestimate her. Like seriously don’t. She’s good at breaking the laws, and she did it so silently that nobody even realized HAHAHA.

But I really admired how hardworking she was at TGB and she’s always determined in everything. One more thing, she’s cute in her own ways. 😀

  • 13 September 1996

Sakinah Sakinah Sakinah. Haih, you are so different than the others. I always envy you for being the only girl in your family, I wish I had a brother hmm. There are times when we fought, we cried, we laughed, we argued, we gossiped but later on we know that’s what friends are for. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and happy birthday girl. May Allah ease your journey towards eternal success in everything you do. ❤

  • 29 September 1996

Budak KK.  When it comes to story-telling, she’s the number one. Trust me, be it just  a simple story, everyone would be excited to know. And her house so far holds the record for being the most frequently visited house among our friends HHAHA THANK YOU WEH! Thank you for trusting me eceh ceh Happy advanced birthday num, study smart, and let’s meet in London, shall we? InsyaaAllah.

And here’s to long-lasting friendship insyaaAllah. Happy birthday!



from left: Sakinah, Hanum, Leyo.



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