Book Review : Inferno by Dan Brown

………The sky had become a glistening tapestry of stars.


It took me probably a month to reach the ending without skipping any chapters. Nope, I never liked skipping few pages, moreover flipping the back pages. Endings are meant to be surprises, aren’t they? And one remarkable thing about Dan Brown’s novels ; everything from the first chapter till the end occurred within 24 hours. Amazing.

As an avid reader of Dan Brown’s, I can’t deny that Inferno has its own class, although Angels and Demons still won me over. It’s hard to choose, but I guess I spent too much time finishing Inferno. I wasn’t able to absorb the thrill in certain chapters but I wish I had the chance to. 

Not-So-Detailed Summary

The book begins with the hero waking up aimlessly in a hospital in Florence, Italy. Pathetically, he suffered from temporary amnesia which affected his short-term memory. Later on, accompanied by a brilliant doctor, both became fugitives. It was a good but shocking start to see gunshots already appearing in the beginning chapter. Cruising to the climax, it was expected to see a lil bit of twist. Obviously. 

Later on, they found themselves in a quest to reveal the whereabouts of Dante’s mask which became a vital clue in locating something powerful yet so disastrous. Unfortunately, fifty percent of the clues were only found to be scattering around Florence. Langdon and Brooks had to travel even further to Venice, only to find that the actual crime scene would be happening thousand miles away – in Turkey. And this time, the worst secret was out.

And no, I am not going to reveal the ending in detail. I’ll leave the reading part to you guys since different readers perceive the story from different perspective. Good luck in reading! Enjoy every bit of it, trust me, you’ll get addicted 😀

Personal View

One thing that really impressed me is how Dan Brown ends every chapter in his novels. His words often put the readers in a dilemma situation – should I continue or should I pause? 

Secondly, I wasn’t satisfied with how the author concluded the journey of Sinskey and Brooks to Switzerland which was to simply face the worried global nation regarding the spread of the ‘deadly’ pandemic. The desire to know how the pandemic actually ended was rising until the author decided to leave it as a mystery. Hmm, I guess some questions aren’t meant to be answered, are they?

If only the author would have elaborated Bertrand Zobrist deeper, it would pretty much clear up all the misunderstandings about him. His intentions were noble, but sadly he died; leaving the fate of the Earth to Langdon, Brooks, WHO, etc. That was quite self-centered, far from selflessness!

But I really like how Langdon restored Brooks’s trust in him despite him being betrayed by the lady. She had difficulties trusting people in the world except for her only beloved mentor. Ask yourself, how would you feel if you were Sienna Brooks?

And to be able to understand The Consortium’s role, I could never imagine its existence in reality. Talk about mind-baffling since everything in this world is actually far from coincidence- everything has been planned beautifully. By whom? Only God knows. And my biggest question so far, who is the provost?

My final verdict would be this book is historically an eye-opener. I got to learn that in art, you’ll learn history and vice versa. You can’t just ignore one of it because in the end, you’ll need both to unlock every secret paths in the universe. And this book eventually made me felt like travelling to Florence, Venice and Istanbul to explore those secret paths referring to the novel!


BTW, here’s my personal ranking of Dan Brown’s novels,

1. Angels and Demons (Sadly, the film is below the par..)

2. Inferno; tied with Digital Fortress (Stuck between deciphering codes or translating arts :D)

3. Deception Point (All hail extraterrestrials!)

4. The Lost Symbol (Freemason is too complicated for a simple-minded person like me :/)


Do you happen to read any of these books? Feel free to share yours! 

p/s: I haven’t read The Da Vinci Code. XD






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