For me, Busan is a place where you can seek tranquility, looking at its position close to the sea. I’ve always loved nature, and I learnt to love the sea more when I came to Busan! It’s the perfect getaway for those wanting to escape the bustling city.

1. Taejongdae Park



Maybe it was not a good idea to come here especially in early March! Talk about freezing cold weather and worse, the breeze (damn chilly). The view and the landscape were superb! You can take a stroll around the park or have a ride on the ferry which will charge you some extras won of course 🙂


2. Gamcheon Cultural Village



Called the Asian version of Santorini, I totally recommend everyone to come here and enjoy walking around the colourful painted houses. Did I ever mention that Korean ahjummas and ahjusshi are so warm and helpful? Take time to fully enjoy the picturesque view 😀


3. Jagalchi Market




Jagalchi Market is a huge aquarium because trust me, there is a lot of aquatic lives you haven’t seen. Normally, ahjummas work here and it’s them who weigh the fish, peel off all those scales, pry open a clam and even shuck an oyster (a dozen usually)! There is also wide choices of restaurants if you are opting for a seafood fiesta! Talk about total fresh seafood.


3. Gwangan Bridge @ Gwangalli Beach


Be sure to come here at night around 9 pm as the bridge showcases splendid light plus you can sit back and enjoy the sea breeze. Good thing for me and my friends as we arrived just in time when the show’s about to start. Indeed, a majestic night view of Busan that you’ll never find anywhere else. The best thing for us when we arrived was that 2PM was having a shooting at that very moment! Sadly, we could not go near as they even assigned securities to guard around them….

4. Haeundae Beach


Compared to Gwangalli Beach, Haeundae Beach has a slight difference in terms of popularity. It is the most famous beach in South Korea and during summer, it is usually flooded with tourists/locals. It is surrounded by more restaurants, guesthouses, cafes, bars than in Gwangalli Beach. Great experience though!


Any other suggestions on where to go in Busan? Feel free to comment below!

Thank you for reading!


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